The church is Heaven’s colony on earth. A colony is a group of citizens established in a foreign territory to influence that domain for their home government. When the European kingdoms decided to colonize the world, the first thing they did was to come to the interested territory and set-up a colony. The colony will then settle in the territory to effectuate the process of colonization. Colonization involve citizens of one country inhabiting foreign territory for the purpose of influencing that domain with the nature, culture, values and lifestyles of their native country and governing it with the laws of their home government.

Heaven is our home country and earth is our territory of influence and the church is the colony. God’s plan is simple; ‘Heaven colonizing earth through the church (colony).’ The Garden of Eden was simply Heaven’s colony on earth. Genesis 2:15; Then the LORD took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work and take care of it. God’s plan was simply to expand His influence (rulership) all over the earth through the church (man). In Matt. 16:18, Jesus was in other words saying, “I will build my colony and another colony shall not and never overcome it.”

So friend, the church on earth is Heaven’s colony and it must be set-up by our home Heaven country. Let examine the power and the purpose of a colony.


  1. The colony must be set-up by the home country—Gen. 2:8, ‘the LORD GOD planted a Garden in the east of Eden.’’ Jesus said, “I will build my church…” Its Heaven to set up a church on earth not earth setting up a church. My friend, who set-up your church?
  2. The colony must be control and manage from the home country-Heaven.
  3. The colony must be controlled and managed by the governor (Holy Spirit) sent from their home country-Heaven.
  4. The colony must be govern and remain subject to the laws of their home country--Heaven.
  5. The colony must depend on their home country (Heaven) for everything (resources, finance, protection, information, health, etc.)
  6. The colony must not declared independence from the home country-Heaven
  7. The colony must remain connected to their home country-Heaven. John 15:5
  8. The purpose of the colony is not to leave the territory but to colonize (i.e. completely takeover) that territory. John 17:20
  9. The goal is not to negotiate with the territory but to completely transform that territory to be same like their home country-Heaven.(Matt. 6:10)
  10. The colony must transform the laws, values, prioritize, nature, language, culture and lifestyles of the territory to reflect exactly that of the home country-Heaven(Matt. 6:10)
  11. Leaving a territory without complete takeover is never an option in kingdoms

I pray that this understanding gives you a kingdom perspective of the power and purpose of the church on earth. The church was never intended to be a religious environment where people go every week for fellowship and praying for rapture. The church is Heaven’s colony on earth. Thanks. Ask questions please. Watch out for part 2.

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