The time where our very faith will be tested with lying signs and wonders may very well be upon us friends. I was shown this a few months after I got saved and think its crucial that every christian sees this and can get even more rooted in scripture and the faith ASAP. If you want to get a look at what the false religion of the false Christ will look like, check this site out as well as this commercial made by share international a U.N. NGO (Non-Governmental organization). The Pope already called for a one world government and last pope called for a one world religion. Putting on that full armor of God in the coming days will be more important than ever.

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Praise the Lord Saints!!

As draw closer to endtime/ coming of the Lord.. We haven't seen nothing Yet.........

For the Bible is True... Our True and Living is God is coming back on the Cloud......He don't need no commerical or any big Party..etc..etc... to bring him on


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