This is something I shared with Hezekiah but I think it needs greater visibility. This is one of those things you have probably never heard in church because no one who holds belief in the trinity has any true desire to tell you this. Those who know it are either opponents of the trinity or those who simply do not want to give ammunition to an opposing view. So instead of being honest with you they hide things from you. For those of you who did not know this before I want you to really stop and think. WHY? And how many years have gone by where pastors have had the opportunity to make this information public? This is one of those reasons TRUE bible scholarship usually takes a back seat to the TRADITIONS of men and the continuity of man-made religious structures that are built on lies and fabrications.

It seems so clear to you until you know the things that religion wont tell you and doesn't want you to know. But what is the truth? Those who have a love for the truth will care enough to read this thread. Those who don't will simply go their way after reading the title and a little bit of this OP to see what its about. It's about a lie by omission. It's about how people have used whatever weapon is convenient in order to destroy true monotheism and change it into a Babylonian mystery.

Read the post directly beneath this intro and I want to hear your responses. Do you believe it? Do you not believe it? Do you care? Do you not care? Does this have any impact on your belief or will you simply cling to other misinterpreted texts? And if your evidence of the trinity was so strong WHY IS THERE A NEED TO INSERT A LIE? That is my main question. Anyone brave enough to answer that one will earn more of my respect.


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Pastor Sweet,

Thank you for your prompt response. I suspected that we would not have access to the original copy of the Greek manuscript which is why I asked to see a "copy."

"I am merely asking for access, if available, to a copy of the original Greek manuscript . . ."

Now, I'll have to seek help in getting this information translated since I do not read or speak Greek. :-)

Again, thanks.
Understand, that the original manuscripts are lost to us. But with the 1000's of copies of the GNT we have the best understanding of what was writen. As for the Comma Johanneum which means (a short clause). Many do not know that Mark 16 ends at verse 8 and that 9-20 was added later. These and many others are issuses that we all deal with when read the text.


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