I would like to know what the cross means to some of you. The reason why I posed this question is I heard a man of God say that "The Cross was/is a satanic symbol". This disturbed me because for one I wear one around my neck and there are countless crosses on the front of many Houses of Worship. To me the Cross is a reminder of the sacrifice that our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ made for us. I will study this matter in detail, however I just want to know what you all think about that statement as well as the facts.

God Bless

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Thank you brother for your response.

God Bless
I found this reply on google: The cross is a very simply a symbol of Jesus' sacrifice.

The extra piece on top (because yes, the Romans did crucify on T shaped crosses) is supposedly meant to signify the resurrection. At least, this is how it was explained to me by Christians I know.

That said, the cross emphasizes suffering. This is not something uncommon in Christianity, or other religions. Contained in the symbol of the cross are intense suffering and yet also redemption.

Yes the cross was used before, but rarely in its current form. There was, of course, the "world cross" of the Gnostics, and of course it was used as a symbol long before even then. But Christians charge it with a different meaning. Think about the swastika. It has been used for thousands and thousands of years in myriad religious traditions. Yet when the Nazis took hold of it, it came to represent a regime, and a changing future, and later on hatred and evil.

Symbols are powerful but only insofar as people attach meanings to them. Institutions can suggest meanings to you, of course, and symbols can come to be charged with heavy meanings as in the swastika, the bald eagle, etc. But they're vague. It's doubtful that the Illuminati or a Satanist group is trying to use a symbol like the cross to control people - since there's no real control implied in the symbol. It's an object that keeps people mindful of the redemption of their sins, and perhaps, a symbol of their church (and perhaps, for some people, they have talismanic uses: good luck charms, warding off evil, etc).

If anything, you could maybe say that the church uses the cross as a symbol of solidarity.

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Myself I agree that the cross is symbolic to suffering, we should'nt make it a idol thing or dainty thing; but should be mindful of our Saviours sacrifice to justify us. Count the cost and truly read Luke 9:23 Bless You!
Thank you Prophet for your response
God Bless
Well now, I am put on a spot. First, I agree with the post by Deanna Barnes-Wilburn. It also seem that signs, symbols and other representations are the lot of most people. And yes, I have observed people bowing down and worship a cross – some with a figure of Christ hanging on it and some crosses of just bare wood (or steal, plastic, glass, etc.)

Providing that my own memory has not failed me – again: The cross its self was institutionalized as the Christian symbol in the forth century by the Constantine’s Church. Prior to that, the unofficial Christian emblem was the stylized fish (as in the fishers of men) as a secret recognition sign (yes, Christianity was another secret society for several centuries).

Then, I also have to agree with YahsNiviim (a loose translation being, God’s Prophet). No sign, symbol or image, graven or otherwise (my addition) should be elevated to the status of official representation of one’s faith in God. Until YahsNiviim pointed it out, I rally hadn’t given the cross symbol too much thought. Yet, if God cannot redeem a sign or symbol for His glory, then I am not sure that God can redeem a fallen man.

Personally, I have no such emblems around me, and like my Messianic brothers and sisters, I place my attention on Jesus (Yeshua), God (YAH) and on His word (Tanakh, which includes the Brit HaChadasha or New Covenant writings). Even so, even they are not immune from the need to establish their own brand of signs, symbols and representations, some mandated in scripture. Some synagogues are really beautifully decorated (inside), and the Magan David (Star of David) still adorn many such synagogues. Plus, not forgetting that Messianic Jews, along with their observant brothers, will most likely have a Mezuzah on a door post and a Menorah on the mantel.

So, for me, the issue is still under review, leaning toward “no symbols” for me.
The cross which was a T and not a cross at all that Yeshua was crucified on, to me is a symbol of the sacrifice that YHWH made, however the focus should be on that Yeshua lived, died, rose, and ascended.
"Also "YahsNiviim (a loose translation being, God’s Prophet)" No it is what it is Yah's Prophet. For man maketh a g(o)d so how can YHWH be a g(o)d? He can not."

I apologize. I was just pointing out that adding the English plural form (s) to Yah and running the two words together to form "YahsNiviim" does not comply with the rules of either English or Hebrew grammar, thereby making an accurate translation difficult. Also, I am confused (easy for an old mountain man) as to how the last sentence is to be interpreted. Perhaps it is not important for me to know.

Misunderstandings not withstanding, Shalom Aleichem.
Contrary to popular Christian belief, Yashah did not die on a "cross." He died on an execution stake where His hands were tied together. As Niv said, the cross was and is a pagan symbol. The emperor Constantine claimed to have saw a cross in the sky/sun, and he saw Yashah on it, and he made the cross for which Yashah died on. Hundreds of years before Constantine, no follower of Yashah wore a cross around their necks, or even had a cross in a Messianic synagouge. Its completely pagan. Let us come out of Babylon!
Now that's interesting James!!!!!! do you have any sites on that? it doesn't take away from the sacrifice HE made at all, just want to know the historical correctness of it.

I agree. Nothing takes away from what He has done for His people. Google "Constantine and the cross." Also google some things similar.

Check out this site..... http://www.reformation.org/pope-constantine.html

Its about Constantine and HIS cross that Christianity proudly totes around.

Also, look at this... http://www.reformation.org/6-constantinian-changes.html


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