I would like to know what the cross means to some of you. The reason why I posed this question is I heard a man of God say that "The Cross was/is a satanic symbol". This disturbed me because for one I wear one around my neck and there are countless crosses on the front of many Houses of Worship. To me the Cross is a reminder of the sacrifice that our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ made for us. I will study this matter in detail, however I just want to know what you all think about that statement as well as the facts.

God Bless

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Interesting, and this confirms in my spirit that the anti-christ will come from Rome
No nails James?
Wow! this is good discussion I appreciate all the input, you all kind of took me to the deep end of the pool. (lol) But I thank God for all of you, keep it coming! Amen

Yes, as the bible states.... He was "nailed" hands and feet. But, He was not on a "cross." He was on an execution stake that looked nothing like a cross.
Just making sure you mentioned rope but not the nails.
Actually after doing some research people were crucified in many different positions.

Jesus Himself talks of the holes made by the nails (plural) in His hands... if He had been crucified on a stake, it would have been nail, singular.

We also hear of those crucified on His right hand, and on His left hand. This idiom would not have been used if His arms hadn't been outstretched.

He died, He rose, He ascended that is what matters
Obedience to what? Niv, in reference to this the Cross


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