Dear beloved in Christ,

I know that some of you have heard about the earthquake which hit Italy early this morning at 3.30 AM Italian time, and I want to let you know, in case you were worried about us, that by the grace of God we have not suffered any casualities nor any home damage.

We did feel a very strong shaking and we just grabbed something to put on and ran down the stairs from the third floor, and to the streets, but apart from the shaking, the storey bulibing where we live didn'd have any damage. So, after about three hours in the ...cold, and experienced a few small aftershocks we decided to go back to bed and ...try to fall asleep again, but we had to ...literally "fall" asleep, because it has not been easy.

Thank you for your concern and for your prayers for us and especially for the many people who suffered the loss of a loved one and of their house.

Blessings from Apostle Abel Aureli

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May God continue to be with you and your family/church. THANK GOD FOR HIS DIVINE PROTECTION
His Right hand is Strong, and He has your whole Life in it!!!
For Great is the measure of our Father's Love.......
So Apostle, I say to you, as God said to me, Tell the people the truth, teach them the truth,
for only the truth shall make them free.
It is time to teach ad preach the truth to the people,
God told me to say. Get it right, "WE ARE TO CLEANSE OURSELVES, I AM COMING SOON!!!


I try to stay posted on what's going on around the world with BBC news and World Affairs Board and a lot of other websites, but I was unaware, but thank you for keeping me posted and I'm glad to hear you and your family did not suffer any lose.
We all will pray for those who are suffering.

Yours truly,
Anthony Smith


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