This was the lesson we did today in church. All these scriptures will be about how the whole world follows the Precepts of men, and not the Word of God. We are going to start in Matthew. If you would get out you Bible, and go to Mathew 4:1-4.

Ok, we read this Jesus was in the Wilderness, and he was tempted by the Devil, but he said man will not live by bread alone. We are going to see in James1:18 what other than bread will man live by.

Now we read that man will live by the Word of Truth to be a kind of first fruits of his creatures.We are going to read in 2 Timothy 3:15-17. We are going to find out what is this word of Truth, and what it is good for.

Here is what we read so far. We read that Jesus told the Devil that man will not live by bread alone, and we found out that the word of Truth is what man will live by, and we found out in 2 Timothy that the word of Truth is good for doctrine, reproof, for correction, and instruction in righteousness. So now we know that the Word of Truth is the scriptures, and the scriptures are the instructions in righteousness, and through these scriptures man can be perfect, and the scriptures are given by the Inspiration of God. This is why Jesus told the Devil that man will not live by bread alone. Let's go further. Let's go to Proverbs 15:29-33.

We read that the Lord is far from the wicked, and he hear the prayer of the righteous. He alos read that he that refuse instruction despises his own soul. So, you hate yourself when you refuse instruction, and we read that the scriptures are the instructions in righteousness. So, if we refuse the scriptures, we refuse instruction, and we hate ourselves. We also found out that the fear of the Lord is the instruction of wisdom, but if we refuse instruction , and hate ourselves, how will we fear the Lord. Think about it. Let's go further. Let's go to Proverbs 1:1-4

SO, we read that Solomon, who was the wisest man in the Bible said to know wisdom and and instruction is to perceive the Word of Understanding. Didn't we read earlier the scriptures was the Word of Truth. So we must perceive the scriptures to get wisdom and instruction. If we don't we despise instruction, and hate ourselves. Let's move on. Go to John 6:48-56. Now skip down to verse 63 and read it.

So now we got Jesus saying that he is the bread of life. But we read that Jesus said man will not live by bread alone, and we later found out that the scriptures is what we need to follow to get understanding and wisdom. What is this bread of life? He went on to say eat my flesh and drink my blood, and the Jews didn't understand. They were like they guy wants us to eat his flesh, and drink his blood. Jesus didn't mean literally either, The multitude that was there left because in their minds, this man just said to eat him, and drink his blood, so they left, skip down to John 6:67-68

So, Jesus has the words of eternal life. That is why he is the bread of life, and that is what he meant by eat my flesh and drink my blood. The words that he speaks is eternal life. Meaning if you do what he says we will receive eternal life. So, we have learned that we must follow the scriptures in order to get wisdom and understand, and instruction. we also learned that if we don't follow the scriptures we despise instruction, and hate our souls. We read all of that didn't we? Now we know that the scriptures are good for instruction in righteousness, and the words of Jesus, who is the word of Truth, and the scriptures is eternal life. Let's go further. We have been reading what the Bible says about how to follow the scriptures, and what it means to man. Go to Isaiah 55:1-3

So how can you buy milk and wine without money and without price? The Lord is talking about the scriptures. Come and follow the scriptures, and he will make an everlasting covenant. Skip down to Isaiah 55:6-11

See the Lord is saying that you better follow him while he is near. Cause it's gonna come a time when he won't be found, and it will be in the tribulation when he won't be found. Cause you know people are going to be Lord help us all over the place, but the Lord said that he will not be found. His thoughts are higher than our thoughts, so why don't follow the scriptures. They are good for instruction in righteous, doctrine, reproof. They give you wisdom, and understanding if you will allow instruction. we read that is we don't like instruction we hate ourselves or souls. Let's go further Let's go to John 21:15-17

You see how Peter got grieved at the Lord asking him all those times if he loved him. And the Lord said if you love him, "FEED HIS SHEEP". Let's go to Ezekiel 3:1-3

Now he wasn't talking about a literal roll. This was a Prophet, and he had to learn how to read the word to be able to teach the people. The roll is the word of God or word of Truth or the Scriptures or Jesus' words. Remember Jesus' words are eternal life. Skip down to Ezekiel 3:10-21

So the Lord is telling Ezekiel that he must learn and teach this word. If he does not teach the word or warn the people because the Lord made him a watchman, The Lord will kill Ezekiel. So, when you are a Preacher because if someone goes to the fire, and you could have warned them, and didn't, He will require of you. So, be careful when you call yourself a preacher. Now go to Isaiah 30, and gonna read 1 verse, verse 8. Isaiah 30:8.

Now He said that Isaiah had to write the Word in a table, and note it in a book, so that it may be for a time to come. So we have learned that eternal life is Jesus' words, and the scriptures are instructions in righteousness, and if we despise instruction we hate our souls. That tells me that we need to follow what we read, and not what we interpret. If the Lord told Isaiah to write it down, he told all of the other Prophets to right it down. Remember we read that all scripture come from the inspiration of God. Now we are going to end this Thread. If you want me to post part 2 post on the thread that you do or don't, or comment or beat it down, I am sure the False Prophets will take a crack at it, but If we don't believe the words and follow them, then we can't get eternal life. We are going to focus on what the Precepts of men and, and how and why we follow them. Give feedback.

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Hezekiah, you are all over the Bible.

Most of us are aware that Jesus is the bread of Life.
Most of us are aware that because of the inherited sin nature of man that he still has the potential to sin and that there are consequences for acts of sin.
Most of us are aware how important it is for us to follow Christ through obedience.

Now there is a flip side to the above statements but you will only reject them anyway, so I'm not going to bother posting them.

So, what is YOUR point?????
His point, I'm sure, if that we should live our lives JUST as Christ did. If you knew who Christ really was, the God of the OT, you would know just how fearfull you should be of Him. But just as Bro. Isarel's post says, "the fear of God IS taught by the precept of man"

Man will have you to believe you no longer must keep God's laws, feast days and dietary laws. Man says, Jesus came to do away with all of those OT laws of the father, when in fact it was Jesus that gave us those laws in the first place. It was Jesus that said, "Sanctify yourselves therefore, and be ye holy: for I am the LORD your God." Lev.20:7.

Man will have you to believe that Jesus is still that lamb of God.

Well, that hat has been worn and the job completed. The next time we see Jesus He will be the Lion of Judah and He will be back to make WAR!

Here is a question; Why would Jesus give us His laws, then suspend them for a while, only to have us to keep, ALL OF THEM, when he returns?

Does that make sense?

Amen, A Brother with some understanding. See look how he does not refuse instruction. Now the Lord opened the words up to him, and now he has wisdom and understanding just as Solomon had. Good Post Brother.

Great question.
You are suppose to be all over the Bible Like that. That is how you get understanding. Line upon Line Precept upon Precept, Here a little there a little. I only did the first part. What did you learn from reading all of those scriptures?

My point is the Fear of God taught by the Precepts of men.
Should I set up part 2?
I am fully aware of the fear (awe) of God and the keeping of his commandments, which is obedience to His word, though, still, I am not under the Law therefore I shall not suffer the consequences of the OT times for breaking any Laws.

I am not saying it's ok to break the Laws; I am merely saying I will not have to suffer the same consequences of old, nevertheless there will be consequences. But, I can also receive forgiveness without having to go through a High Priest as they did in the OT times because Jesus is the High Priest who makes intercession for us. I can also go before God and ask for His forgiveness and He is faithful to forgive me, and it will be expected of me to repent of that sin I committed..
And do your best not to do it anymore. I am glad that you are beginning to see that the commandments are to be done. You don't have to kill any animals anymore for sin. So you don't have to do that or the traditions of the Israelites, but the commandments are from God.
new consequences include - fire and brimstone ,weeping and gnashing of teeth.
True dat, as far as the high preist,You are correct sista harris ,and your sin offering for your sin.
i think thatwe have to understand the importance in his feast days because they are all pointing to the coming of the lord as well as the dietary law because this (Isaiah 66:16-18) is clearly saying he is goin to consume the 1's with contrary things in there vessel in the day of the lord. when he pleads with all flesh.Also (Isaiah1:11-13) clearly saids it is a sin to change his high days ,
Bro. Kunta,

If I commit the sin of telling a lie, I am not going to suffer the consequence of fire and brimstone, etc. Those who suffer these consequences are the unsaved.

As to the Feast of Days, this was a shadow of the first coming of the Messiah, for which He came and left, but will come again - the Second Coming.

However, there are no NT scriptures that says we do not have to or should not keep the Feast of Days or Dietary Law. These commandments were not given to the NT believers, but it would not hurt to adhere to them.

Please try to understand where I am coming from. Jesus did not come to abolish the Laws and Commandments - only to fulfill them, which means we will not have to suffer the harsh penalties if we break any one of the Laws or Commandments. We will, however, suffer some type of consequence. But, because of God's grace and mercy, we can go to him directly and ask for his forgiveness as well as repent from that sin.

Our blessings come from our daily walk in obedience (keeping the Laws & Commandments) as given in the OT and NT. Keep in mind also, some NT commandments/instructions are cultural related, but we can still learn from the principles of those instructions.

Now, my question to you Bro. Kunta & Hezekiah . . . do you really know what it takes to get saved? If so, please explain.
Yes you will if you continue to lie. The whole thing is instruction. You must be able to follow instruction, and practice not sinning. So, If you continue to tell lie after lie after lie after lie, then you have a date with the fire. The Lord knows your heart.
Romans 6:15 What then? shall we sin, because we are not under the law, but under grace? God forbid.


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