This is the most critical  moment in history for the Black race. What is happening? Is there an answer?

It is time for the Black race to rise up and take it's position. Now is the time of preparation and education! If we are not successful at this time in history, we will not be successful.

The Greatest Deception That Covers The Earth-Black's Roots is a powerful biblical study exploring the history of the Black race. God has given great revelation to correct the myths that were passed down from generation to generation. It is with great urgency that this book is available at this time. "This is our moment, it is our time."

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Continuation: Go beyond the realization that you are just a Black person, you are a Black person with an identity and purpose. Discover divine biblical truths for the Black race. The blood of our Black youth is spilling in the streets; the reason is that they are screaming out these profound words; "Who Am I." The Bible has the answer; Black people are embedded in biblical history. Are you ready to take this incredible journey into divine truth? God's Words will leap out from the pages to you. Come, Come!
Who do you believe "Black People" are?

Our roots are in Egypt, but we are not descendents of Egyptians..
My brother you are exactly right, my books shows that our roots are in Egypt, (Africa), but we are Hebrews. After visiting your website it appears we are on the same page. I am very passionate about knowing Black's identity. For 14 months YAH placed me on a journey researching this revelation. For years I had a strong desire and urge to know Old Testament biblical history, little did I realize what I would discover. The picture is not to be controversial but to show the Love of YAH for the back race and His divine purpose. Yes, YAH created all people but He does speak to a specific people. Some people find it difficult to receive, they prefer to wipe color out of the Bible. However, I refuse to argue the point, my suggestion is for everyone to study the Word of YAH and let the Holy Spirit guide and direct. Thanks for the reply
Do you know who those people who call themselves Jews today descend from?
The people who call themselves Jews today descend from Jahphet's son Gomer who had a son Ashkenaz and is the origin of the Jews in Israel today. They are European Jews. There is so much history involved it takes studying. My book has this revelation.

Actually the origins of the Jews today are from Edom... They are Edomites.. What happened was the Edomites were conquered by the Hasmonean Dynasty, and converted to Judiasm, thus calling themselves Jews, and they called their country Idumea... The Israelites who were in the land at the time were called Jews because of their country being called Judah, which was made up of the Tribes of Judah, and Benjamin... The Idumeans or Edomites lived south of Judah..Since 200BC the Idumeans tried to take over Judah by siding with the Assirian, Babylonian, Persian, Greek, and Roman occupers.. Finally in 70AD the Israelites were carted off into captivity, and dispersed by ship throughout all countries... What people went into captivity by ship? You have Israel.... While Israel has been in captivity, the Edomites took the land, and the Romans got tired of them, and kicked them out the land and dispersed them throughout Europe.. Since World War II, the Edomites have had the land... Remember they called themselves Jews because of their religion.. The Israelites called themselves Jews because of their nationality... Look this stuff up... It is in history.. It is also in the Bible....
Yes your statement is true but you have to go back to the beginning origin which will bring you to Edom. We are on the same page. The history is awesome. I am that person who likes connecting the dots. I told my church studying biblical history is like a maze. I have to always keep the beginning in front of me so that I can have a better understanding as i continue this journey. This revelation is all new to me but yet exciting to discover with YAH guiding me. I do not proclaim to know it all that would be foolish and displeasing to YAH. Therefore, we can learn from one another, there are more pieces to put together, a life learning process. Thank you for sharing with me.
My brother all this information is in my book, it was included in my research and the Bible is my strong foundation. We could never cover all of biblical history in this type of setting, it is too much, you agree?
Yes I agree because there is a lot of information when it comes to the Word..


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