The greatest victims of deceit are the people who think they are deceiving others.

When you are operating with a spirit of deception,

you are not true in your dealings with people.

When confronted with the truth, you deny any wrong doing and try to turn the situation or light on the other party as they have misunderstood you.

I'm sure many of you have been in this situation were people were posing to be apologetic about something that may have offended you, while at the same time trying to make you feel that you misjudged them or the situation, and trying to make you feel that you were wrong about your correct judgment and percetion of what they've done or said.

People of God we must be honest and we must be true. We must be true to ourselves before we can be true to others and be true to God.

When we think we are deceiving, fooling others or think that we are being underhanded or underminded about something, we are exposing our true heart and nature. And the spirit of deception doesn't allow you to realize this as you are disclosed and naked before the ones you are lying to or trying to deceive.

People are not as dumb as some or many of us suppose. And as I have experienced this many times, I may play around with the game in the sense that I don't let the deceiver know that I know what He/she is up to. That can be the wisdom in dealing with such persons at times. But then there will be times that you may just have to address that person and deal with the spirit of deception head on. Sometimes that is the only way that you can stop the enemy in his tracks.

However that may be Beloved, continue to walk in truth and lie not. Let your heart, your life and your words be pure.

Father-God in the name of Jesus, help us to have a clean heart, a pure heart and pure spirit. Cleanse, wash and purge us. Make us whiter than snow. Let your righteousness right us and cause us to live and do rightly with one another. Help us to realize that there is nothing hid from you and there is nothing that we can hide from others, that shall not be revealed, made known, naked or plain.

Help us to realize our accountability to one another and to you, that we may walk in love, holiness and righteousness before you and with our fellow men.

Help us to realize like never before, that these are the days that we will be judged by our actions, our words and how we deal with one another like never before. And help us to realize that your eyes are in every place, beholding the evil and the good. In Jesus' name, amen.

Dr. Melody Barclay

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I think it was kind of extreme Jaja. But when we tell the community that we are having a dinner or picnic to fellowship with them when our real motive is to witness to them and hope they become members of our church, would that be called deceit? Sp it depends on how one would look at it. However Jaja, you know there will ALWAYS be criticism and judgment about any thing we say or do when doing ministry, so why not just try to be led of the Spirit and do what we think is according to God's will, and pay the critics no mind. And is people join up with a ministry just because a woman is running it, then their heart motives are definitely questionable. And therein may lie a little deceit because they are giving the impresion that they want to join the bible study to learn more about God, when they may have some other ultierior motive. Love you more. Melody
Amen! So many times people to not want to own up to their misdeeds and mistreatment of others. Finally, a place where saints a free to talk about what is really going on in our time. God does have that eye in every place. This behavior being discussed also goes along with (secret Sins). God knows and is waiting for true repentance to take place Many times people think they are getting by-- because noone has exposed them. They better be getting things right. God is not pleased at these behaviors and as (loving,kind,blessed ) as we know he is-there is also another side (wrath). We as believers to not want to be put in the hands of an angry God. They are not getting by with anything. Time is winding up and the sun is going down. People all better get in a hurry to seek Him while he may be found. They hAVE BECOME COMPLACENT. We need to remember that He doesn't need us---we need Him!
asst Pastor Teloria Williams Holy Ghost Powerhouse
Praise Him! the church should not have to resort to the world's tactics. We must stay true to GOD"s plan. If it was good enough for Jesus, it should be good enough for us. Sometimes we need to get a "checkup from the neck up."
God Bless!
asst Pastor Teloria Williams
Holy Ghost Powerhouse


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