The Holy Spirit shared this with me yesterday and He wants to share it with you today.

After I swept all the rooms of my house this morning, I had all the dirt & debris gathered in a pile. I realized that I forgot the dustpan to pick up the trash & carry it out in. As I shifted to go get the dustpan, the dirt & debris blew, scattered & spread outwardly leaving only a little still gathered in a pile. While en-route to retrieve my dustpan I heard the Holy Spirit say, "You can sweep a house clean but until the trash is carried out its still dirty"! He showed me my sins and how I've ran from church to church, conference to conference, always SWEEPING the trash up in these neat little piles but never casting/carrying the dirt debris out! The residue of sin still lingers in some rooms of my heart... What about you? I'm sure you SWEPT but are you CLEAN?

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This is good!  There are not rooms left un-swept but we're actually sweeping them under the rug or locking them in a closet.  God's word is like a mirror we look into.  We're only supposed to be seeing ourselves to line-up with God's word.  But there are so many who can see other people's mistakes, faults, sins and iniquities.  What about us! 

I agree with you.  Thank you for sharing.


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