There is a conference in Africa,come 26th December,to 31.
We are going to finish this year of Our lord Jesus Christ in good style.
Just be apart of this,here and there. You can serve from wherever you are.
I am so glad that God is there for us,and we are there for each other.
This will be the first of its kind and will gather people from all the continents of the world.
You are specially Invited now,and feel free to contact us for an official invitation letter if you need one.
I pray that God will provide for all our ticket needs,Our accommodation and feeding,so that none of us will miss the great opportunity to serve and be served.
Let us use our every gift to serve with reverence to each other,come December!
Please see how you become part of the Global community for Christ,networking for him to change people's lives and changing the world through using the potential God has built in you.We are all endowed with seeds of greatness,let's spark an opening of them and see how big the fruit that will come out will be!
Please mark that last week of this year,2009 in your calender and be in touch with us for travel and stay arrangements for a week!
You are so welcome to Uganda to share anything you can,for betterment of the whole world.
Our post office Box is 10311 Kampala,Uganda.
Please contact us at,we will be so happy to get back to you,for Christ's glory.
You can send in your full addresses of church,organization or your personal address and we shall be so grateful to God for us to work together for his kingdom!
We believe that together,we can change the world into a better place.
TINFS is a community which cares for humanity. We care for people's spiritual and physical lives.Many are lost( into many things,some into themselves),forgotten(by others or even by themselves),neglected by the society of self neglect and they need your and my hand to help them deal with the stigma,the low self esteem and the heavy luggage on their hearts or heads to develop and to change their lives into.
I am praying for a very great success for this world convention;and I encourage you to also pray for the same.We have been praying for it since August 1 last year 2008 year and will go on till the Conference is launched,December this year 2009.
Please join us,in one way or the other,you could join hands wit the rest of the world for a common change,as we pray;We are the ones to make this world a better place..I remind you again!There is a need to bring meaning into people's lives,because many are confused all about life! Remember that at We also engage in many discussion which may help you on your journey to finding inner peace,enjoyable life and working to help your self out with life's daily challenges.
Together,our collective intentions can change much,even if by simply giving space and air to the flame and spirit of our wish for better living. Simply standing clearly inside our best hopes, intention or highest wish for Humanity, Nature or Environment to be living and co-existing in harmony, the best you can is good enough.
God is by our side,with such good intentions;we are all stewards of this world!
I thank God because you will participate in any way you can,yes,sure!
God bless you so much!
Stuart Uganda
P O Box 10311 Kampala,Uganda East Africa

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