Too many leaders and God's people are confused and misleading others about this subject. There are many types of laws in the Holy Bible: Laws of God, Laws of Sin, Laws of Man, ETC. Those who do not the gift of knowledge should steer clear of this important subject. Gopd's Laws are still in effect. These laws affect christians' relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and spiritual growth. If a man and woman follow God's Laws, then he or she will keep and obey man's laws (city, state and federal). Laws of man are for the lawless. Those who refuse to follow laws are heathens, reprobates and heretics. Beware of these people for they will cause division, chaos and conspiracy. Leaders should rebuke and correct them as soon as possible.

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Learn the Truth! 2 Timothy 2:15
Amen, Brother this is what we have been teaching on here for some time now. Great post Brother...
Why aren't the Sunday Christians replying to this thread?


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