My initial write up on THE MINISTRY OF THE WOMB in this network received a lot of reactions that amazed me. 

God gave me the revelation in 1997(Daniel 2:22, Ephesians 3:3). Some how I followed the leading of the Holy spirit as He took me from
one stage to another till date.  It is important to obey God at all times.
Today, I must say that this revelation is a reality. It has been tested and
approved over  the years.   It has blessed thousands of lives.

It is on this note that I felt led to share it with us in this Network. I have
been on ground working since 2001 till date. Taking a systematic study and
research. As I minister directly to pregnant women in a gynecological hospital
called Christian Medical Hospital, Enugu, Nigeria.

The depth of my findings on the mysteries of the ministry of the womb has
amazed me beyond words. As these babies grow, they end up having similar
characters.  Though in some cases with slight differences. Depending on
the depth of the sacrifice in the place of prayers made by individual mothers
while pregnant. As this differs from one woman to the other.  It also
depends on the mantle upon each child.

However our statistics have shown these analysis:-  

(a)   Babies are peaceful.  As consistent prayers made during
pregnancy, provokes the presence of God around them. Thereby activating the
glory of God in and around them.  As mothers are meant to worship God in
the course of intercessions. Thereby Making both mother and baby to encounter
God in a special way (Psalm 91).

(b)   Babies are drawn to the things of
God at an early stage of their lives. Within a year or more, they express their
excitement whenever they hear praises. As they participate by clapping their
hands, nodding their heads, dance in excitement expressing their joy.

As they get older, their interest in the things of God increases. So much that
some women simply call their children” PASTOR”.

(c) They are loved by many due to the glory of God they encountered from the
womb. Owing to the prophetic utterances that were made on them by their
parents during pregnancy. Thereby giving them an advantage above their equals
( Deuteronomy 28:13). They are also highly favored (1st Sam

(e) They are  pace setters, God fearing,
obedient etc.(Prov.19:23). Our statistics have shown that they are quite close
to their mothers.  This is due to the relationship that has been
established from the womb between the baby and the mother. As they minister
daily to their babies during pregnancy and after birth.

These analysis and some others were drawn after nine years of systematic
monitoring and observations.

Therefore, my write up is with the intention of drawing the attention of the
church to the fundamental “THE MINISTRY OF THE WOMB”. Which has been neglected
for so long. The womb remains the foundation that either affects a baby
positively or negatively (Gen. 25:23). And it would wrong for the church not to
put into consideration the importance of the womb. We are yet to explore the
worth of the womb to humanity. It is difficult for me to put down all of my
experiences on the ministry of the womb. It is simply amazing.

If you are in any way in doubt, please do come to Enugu, the eastern part of
Nigeria and meet with these children and their mothers one on one. 

In the course of this work, I also found out how nations of the world can use the womb of their women and
reconcile their societal ills.

I have carried out an expository teaching in Nigeria titled  “ BIRTHING

The unspeakable treasures of the ministry of the womb, if fully utilized by
women can bring deliverance, restoration, glory etc to the born and unborn
generations of nations of the world even to their fourth generations unborn.

My book on ENDTIME MOTHERHOOD has been of a tremendous help to pregnant
women.  I have recorded amazing
testimonies from it.  To the glory of

I have been to Ghana and South Africa to teach on the ministry of the womb. I
was on television broadcast in Enugu, Nigeria, empowering women on the power of
the womb. I feel strongly that the earlier the church embrace this ministry
and accord it the attention it deserves, the faster for her to move further
than where she is today. As we can prophetically speak into the womb of the
earth through the pregnant women in our various churches. To raise a generation of kingdom
warriors, in preparation for the coming messiah.

Apostle Uchechi J Elechi

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