The Party That 'BOOED' God...(...or that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first,.. 2 Thessalonians 2:3)

Luke 4:21

" And he began to say unto them, This day is this scripture fulfilled in your ears."

For anyone whose EYES have as not seen AND there EARS have as not heard; this is the EVIDENCE of the Rooster crowing in year 2012.   THIS was  A WITNESS against Peter, (All of US as Christians & Democrat), when he DENIED Jesus three, '3', times.


Democratic Delegates 'BOOed God'??


 Without saying Pres. Obama is the antiChrist, in any way or shape, fashion, we black voters as Christians are being pulled away from our God, by the company we keeping.   Is anyone here still doubt?   Is anyone got any holy indignation at the 'servants of the devil' for taking over our party and kicking God out?   We see they HATE OUR GOD, or do we only just keep standing around and smiling our 'little holy smiles'. . . cause that's all US CHRISTIANS is allowed to do to show love.   If we are honest, we know it.   Doing away with God in America is a sign of the beginning of the coming and the welcoming the real antiChrist.  This is a 'FALLING AWAY, SAINTS.'

Let's just admit it, . . . some of us is going to overlook this, some is going to say its not that bad,  or this scripture is 'out of context',  republicans is racist,  some is thinking Obama is a black pres, some is thinking this election isn't going to matter to that big a issue; some is scared about not getting 'food stamps' & 'supplement assistance checks,'  some is going to say this is 'our party'.   When is it going to be about Jesus, our witness and if we sink or swim with him.


We need to admit that our precious Jesus is being put on trial again.   Black delegates who are preachers who was there and other black Christians there watched our party hollering,    'BOOOO!'   Is this not,  "Crucify Him!"  and "Give us Barrabas!!!???"   


We been quiet while we was still being led away by the gay marriage push in the party - now we going along with this?


"Well, there's other important issues we have to consider, ..the Democrats help the poor",  some big Atlanta Ga preacher said.   So, I guess we have to sell our souls out for soup like Essau.  


Our consciences is like the Voting booth;  Where we think our thoughts and intentions are private and secret.   After we've prayed and fasted,..what's next, children of God?   There is "ONE who knows if our voices is 'in with the DENIERS' if whether we cried it out loud or not. 




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