The reason why many “churches” do not have the nature of The Church is because there is a widespread lack of understanding of what The Church really is. First of all, the Church is not a building, a charter, or a gathering of folks. The Church is a living, spiritual and natural being comprised of many members that carry out vital functions.

Contrary to popular belief, she is not a “country club” for the saints or the museum of the “frozen chosen.” When you become a member, you are not simply a number, you are grafted in, as a finger to a hand! The body nourishes each member and the Head, Jesus, gives each member instructions for the work to be performed.

While I’m here, let me hang my hat for a minute…Each member has a UNIQUE function. All of us are not called to preach just like every cell in the body is not called to be the eye. Imagine a body full of eyes…that is a freak of nature! While we’re speaking of the ministry, not everyone is called to preach the same message or preach the same way! We are fearfully and wonderfully designed — individually and expressly — by the Hand of God with a unique purpose to carry out equally unique assignments.

The Greek word for “Church” in Matthew 16:18 is “ekklesia.” It is a word meaning “called out assembly.” More to the point, it is a GOVERNMENTAL word not a RELIGIOUS word! Many folks don’t know this, but the government of Rome called thieir upper legislative assembly theEkklesia. The ancient Greek city-state of Athens called its legislative bodyEkklesia!

Now put this in context…When Jesus said “upon this rock (the truth spoken by Peter) I will build my ekklesia; and the gates of hell will not prevail against it! In other words, what Jesus is saying is upon the truth that He is the Christ, the Son of the Living God, He will establish His everlasting government!  This is what was prophesied in Isaiah 9:6.

Jesus did not come to establish another religion; the world had (and has) enough of them. What he came to re-establish was the governmental order that was ordained from the foundation of time!

That said, the Church is not about religion. The Church is the point where God connects with man through Christ. It is God’s government, duly deputized and empowered to take over the earth! Church should be an ER for the wounded, a kitchen for the hungry and a sanctuary for the besieged. It should be the point where God’s Heavenly Government is dispensed on the earth! It should be the place where the lost catch the revelation of a loving Father, who wants to reconcile them to Himself and loved them so much that He gave His very best in the Person of His Only Begotten Son!

I feel like preaching, but I’ll take my seat now…

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Actually, a number of church organisations are ignorant of the reality and meaning of the church of Christ. As a result, the gates of hell subdue them. This make people see church as a mere organisation, and thus hinder them from believing the suprememacy of the church of Christ.

Any church where there is no real demostration of the power of God is a mere organisation. Any church where the characters of Christ is not portrayed is not a church of God. When the purpose of God is not in function, it is not a church of God.


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