How many of you have heard this term used and the queen prayed to? I heard a non-catholic, Holy Ghost filled, fire baptized minister pray to the Queen of Heaven.

Is there any scripture that supports praying to Mary, the mother of Jesus about anything???

I was raised catholic and I remember being taught to pray the rosary as a child. (I haven't been Catholic since I was a teenager) But, I remember the prayer called HAIL MARY:

Hail Mary, full of grace.
Our Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb,
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death.

I prayed this prayer as a kid because I was told to do so but it never sat well with me. Even as a kid I was inquisitive and questioned everything people told me. I asked the nuns, "Didn't Jesus die for Mary also? If so, why should I pray to her?" As you can imagine, the teachers and nuns didnt like me in my little Catholic private school LOL

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I too was reared in the catholic faith until the 8th grade then went to public school, and realized the many mazes of religion out there.Personally, i love the rosary still, even though i'm not a practicing catholic. God is all knowing,He knows why we pray, and who or what we are trying to effect with our prayers.Mary carried Jesus in Her womb, He was our fruit of salvation.I would pray the rosary before i would let one of these fly by nighters say a word over me.And Minister come on, i respect whatever questions you had, because i had many.My brother was a victim, of a priest,not the church.I don't agree with their doctrine niether, but tell me when you're praying the rosary, and are concentrating on prayer, that the rosary won't send you to a spiritual place in prayer? Like it or not it's effective, and makes me think about strong women, who births the leaders and future saints of this world.It was so effetive in getting people motivated and in the spirit zone,the judges of old put in the bible,no vain babblings, they were afraid of the concentration, of repetative prayer,check it out!
Minster Q,

You are right and this is EXACTLY the reason why I don't like to allow people into my personal prayer time. Yes, I remember when I prayed the rosary there was such an awe and reverence for God. I still have it without the rosary. But now, I don't have to repeat a scripted prayer. I could if I wanted to... I have several books on devos and prayers that are not Catholic. But the most effective prayers I have are when I just talk to the Lord briefly and then LISTEN! The more I pray (talk) or the louder I get, the harder it is for me to LISTEN. My quiet time is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

When I shut up and shut out everyone around me, I can hear God speak to my spirit, thru His word (it's really important to have His word near because He will direct you to a scripture...)

But you know MInister Q, the thing I admire most about Catholics is their devotion to worship and praying and confessing! Come hell or high water, they are devoted to worship. I'm not in full agreement to all that they do, but you gotta admire them for that.

For most of my childhood I went to private Catholic schools... wore the uniforms and everything LOL
When we were in middle school/jurnior high Mom sent us to public schools because she couldn't afford the private school anymore. But even then, she had us bussed to the other side of town so we could have the advantages of being around a variety of cultures and not just "us" LOL
This exposed me to sooooo much (I really appreciate her for doing it)

Oddly enough, some Blacks don't have a "world" view of religion. I don't mean accept any old thing but they are ignorant to what's "out there". They are against religions without knowing why they should be... you understand?

In my study time I was reading Leviticus 18 (Laws of Immoral relations). In Lev 18:3 God told the sons of Israel not to do what is done in the land of Egypt where they came from nor do what is done in Canaan where He was sending them. Then, God told them what those things were...and He told them in detail!!!

God doesn't keep us ignorant. It bothers me when people are so adamantly against something that they have NO information on. They hate something because they were told to hate it and that was good enough for them.

*sigh*... I truly believe that my greatest assest is this inquisitive mind that God gave me. Even as a kid, I didn't follow a trend just because everyone was doing it. I questioned it. And the kids who followed me, I would ask them.. why are you doing what I'm doing it. When they would respond, "because you are doing it"... I must confess, I would lose respect for them and think they were stupid.

Lord, help me not be prideful in my inquisitive nature.
Hey i think being inquisitive is part of the nature God has given us.After catholic schooling i went years without speaking to the Lord the way i should have, but i stayed as close to the straight an narrow as possible.I got into self,got my degrees and all these manoploma's(diploma's) and got into law for years.One thing i can say is the catholoic faith gave me a sense of right and wrong, which i used in the application of the law.I came back to the Lord after facing things affiliated with the streets,it was just a circle, i found religion again but having that catholic background made it hard for me to except man made doctrine,but no offense to any religion,i just found seeking God on my own made it more fulfilling and personal,and it went hand in hand with my sociology degree,the study of human behavior,it astounded me how my walk became so much easier,using my first learning of christanity,to propell me to were i am now.Don't you think christanity,church and worship would be so much better if we took a little from all the religions and made it just about GOD?
Min Q,

I study people too. Heck, I study myself. LOL It is absolutely amazing how humans act and react towards different stimuli. Some are just like rats in a maze LOL

Others have a touch of Pavlov's Dog in them and are "conditioned" responders LOL I've actually tested this out here on BPN. It's quite interesting.

Min Q you also said:

Don't you think christanity,church and worship would be so much better if we took a little from all the religions and made it just about GOD?

Uhm.. I'd have to say no, I DO NOT think that we should take a little from all the religions... but I DO believe we should just make it about God. My friend, your statement may invoke a pavlovic response in some... be careful how you say what you say (smile)
You know sometimes saying things that people agree or disagree with is life. differences bring about change.I just see good in everybody until, i'm shown something different.I do understand the opinion of not taking the best from all, but i will be there, when GOD does it!
I agree Rev. Luckett. I was just surprised at the "Holy Ghost filled, fire baptized" non-Catholic ministry leader pray to the Queen of Heaven. It has kind of thrown me off. I haven't approached them about it yet. Not out of fear but because I observe people for a while before approaching them. That way, when I do, I have all my facts straight and it is not an impulse query on my behalf.
Rev Luckett... you are soooo right.

There are people who go to two extremes:

TOTALLY IGNORE HER out of fear that they may accidentally worship her LOL

Luke 1:30
And the angel said unto her, Fear not, Mary: for thou hast found favour with God.

She is the chosen mother of our Lord and Savior. Give her some credit for that just don't bow down to her LOL

Matthew 2:1 & 11
1 Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judaea in the days of Herod the king, behold, there came wise men from the east to Jerusalem,

11 And when they were come into the house, they saw the young child with Mary his mother, and fell down, and worshipped him: and when they had opened their treasures, they presented unto him gifts; gold, and frankincense and myrrh.

Did you notice who they "bowed down" to? They worshipped Jesus, not His mother. But we do recognize her position as His mother just as we would recognize a King or President. We don't worship them but we do respect their positions.

I don't worship Mary, don't pray to her in my prayers, don't ask her to intercede on my behalf because there is only ONE mediator between God and man and that is Jesus.

But I would never take away or belittle the fact that she was chosen to bring Emmanual into the world!

Balance... folks need balance LOL
Thats what i'm talking about,it is about praying to Mary if you look at it in a natural sense,but like you said,Jesus had parents too,the Lord our GOD,and Mary,the first mother!Like you also said i'm coming from the point that if you were in catholic school,at least mine,St Nicholas,you went to church six days a week,everyday before lunch and Sunday was mandatory,and bring that offering from home even if your parents didn't make it with you (LOL). Thats why i have such a problem with tithing,i give offering regually,but never a tithe,i can put that money to use without a commity saying do this or that,i take it to the door were it's needed.And Mary,it's just me coming from a single parent home,if my mom didn't have her for a role model,my name would probally be up there with these rest of societies most hated.I don't reverence her, i respect her! She's not an idol,just part of the foundation,just as she was for Jesus,when HE couldn't fend for Himself.That queen of heaven stuff is just like so many other things in religion,that takes away from christianity.
If Mary is the Mother of God she has been made a goddess.There is absolutely NOTHING in Scripture that would justify praying to the Queen of Heaven or to Mary, two totally different people I might add. The TRUE Queen of Heaven, if anything, would be the Bride of CHRIST, the Church/Israel.
You know thats why i'll wait for judgement day,how can that statement be,IF Mary is the mother of Jesus.And the record shows,that no church in existance today will be the bride of Christ,only after the 1000 year reign! and i guess thats why circles are formed,for those who choose to follow man who interject that indescribable view.You guys don't get it,who cares what people think,nobody has the right to tell anyone about the things that have been written,because man touched it. So you believe as you wish,only one Man has Never sinned,and HE speaks to me,daily,no assistance needed!!!
You must have misunderstood my position on this.........
This is APOSTASY!! You guys continue to debate,these spirits that represent themselves as holy,GOD knows the truth.IF MARY IS THE MOTHER OF GOD!! One of the main commandments is HONOR, thy MOTHER, and FATHER; so whatever reason this was said,pure anarchy, you brilliant minds continue to debate this spirit of apostleship ( yeah right) Moses didn;t make it for striking a rock, after being told, now behind the disguise of education someone speaks this way about the Lords Mother! What if he is an apostle? What does this mean, doubting Mary's place,calling Her a goddess,there is no other gods correct? That other apostle who had his own plan and thoughts,due to uneducated arrogancy was ???AS,right. Don;t let these so-called educated folks lead you to hell,God is watching all who fall away,due to being followers,not seekers of HIS word.


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