Beloved as you read this, you must follow it with all the verses for full understanding about everything, because this is one thing causing many Christians not to fully dedicate theirselves to the LORD since they are confuse about what to chosen.
We have more lessons on this topic but we would you to look through this first, because it’s a full book together with other books on the scriptures. So let us get your feedback as so as you are done with this.
I pray that the Holy Spirit guide you through your reading.

The Sabbath is our Lord Jesus Our God, the Lord of rest. Matt 12:8
Because the true Word is our God of rest. John 1:1 – 3

1. Beloved we learned that the people of Israel who received the Laws of worship on the Sabbath don’t actually know the Sabbath they worship.
And because they don’t know it, they became ignorant of the Sabbath worship. Now the real pronunciation of the English word Sabbath is the Hebrew word called shabath, and this shabath means rest forever

2. And this very shabath the people of Israel together with their Pharisees and priest were all ignorance about, that is why the words came to the prophet Hosea saying lack of knowledge my people (Israel) perish. Hosea 4:5. They are perish because they don’t have the truth of understanding about the words Sabbath given them.

3. Don’t forget that from the very beginning of the creation God our LORD didn’t give to man which He created like Him a day which is called shabath to be a day of worship. He only gave them a day to rest out of the seventh day. Gen 2:1 – 3 In verse 3 the word LORD said He blessed that seventh day and set apart to be a special day because that day was the very day He completed creation (His work) Now God by His true words, he didn’t say He had set that very day for worshipping Him but only a day for rest.

4. Beloved don’t be deceived or fooled by anyone who claim to be superior than you in the scripture (concerning scripture And truly this day was a day that the first man always do rest after he cultivated the garden of Eden. Adam rested out of his six days work but he didn’t worship the Lord.

5. And from that very day and time God created Man to the time of Noah, the time of Abraham, no one worshipped God on a day called shabath. They all maintain a rest on the seventh day.

6. This is what is been observe in our living as human beings. And in the whole wide world every body do work on six days and rest on the seventh day as said in Genesis 2:1-3. Even the governments also agree with that. Now in the Government or company works if you yourself delight on working on the day of rest that God gave, then you are entitle of receiving a double pay or wages which is in the form of a day bonus. Exo 20:9 – 10

7. Remember that Abraham being a very good friend of God his LORD, didn’t observe a day called Sabbath to honor it or to be worshipped. Now ask yourself why God didn’t make Abraham to worship on the day of Sabbath which His descendant are doing today, even Isaac and Jacob didn’t worship on this seventh day.

8. These three faithful men of God, whom God raised these big families (Israel), why didn’t they worship on the Sabbath day but in all they pleased God in all their ways. This is why in Galatians 3:6 – 9 the scriptures makes us know that we are the seed of Abraham through faith.

9. Even Moses, the prophet at first didn’t know what is called shabath day until the time came that God wanted to test the people, children of Israel who were slaves in Egypt.

10. Beloved this is what the Holy Scriptures tells us in the book of Moses. Exodus 15:25, It says God gave the Laws to live by, why? Because of their stubbornness to the true words of God that is why God gave them the Law including the Sabbath day which is the seventh day to be observed or worshipped.

11. This also indicates that, from the beginning that Moses brought them out of Egypt, all of them were not given a day to worship until God the LORD decided to give them the day of meeting together to worship him the true God.

12. To this, He invited Moses, their leader and prophet to mountain Sinai and gave them the Laws, commandments for worshipping Him on the Sabbath day. Exodus 20:1-17, In verse 8 – 11, He said to Moses they should observe Sabbath and keep it holy. This is where the problem came to the people of Israel, together with their Levites, Pharisees and priest, and what was this problem? The problem of understanding the word “observe” the Sabbath and keep it Holy. But this people of Israel didn’t keep the Sabbath Holy. In verse 10, the LORD said to them the seventh day. Now what does this mean, let see what it means, in verse 10, all of us, including gentiles should also observe this Sabbath, but by then it was only for the Israelites who were worshipping and observing the Sabbath.

13. This is telling us that the Sabbath is talking about the coming of Jesus Christ, the Lord of the Sabbath which is to be observed by every human being ie Jews and Gentiles together Lev 19:30

14. If God said He rested on the seventh day, He is talking about physical rest which He has set for mankind to observe, followed, but spiritually He has an eternal rest for them.

15. To this, the son came and broke the Sabbath Law because He knew this fact and so the leaders didn’t understand Him. So he said to them, “my father who sent me is always working therefore I must also work.” John 5:15 – 20, the verse 20 tells us that the Son cannot do anything unless He sees the FATHER, the LORD doing it, before He also do the same. This proves that truly the FATHER works everyday without rest spiritually and therefore the Son also works as the FATHER does, this became “ LIKE FATHER LIKE SON”.

16. The Son said again that as long as it is day, I must do the works of Him who sent me, night cometh when no man can work. John 9:4 You could see that the Son has being given the power to work everyday too as the THE FATHER. Now ask yourself isn’t the LORD who said the seventh day is a day of rest. As read in the book of Genesis.

17. This is talking about how the Son is working for God in His Vineyard (the Church) so that we may receive the eternal rest, to this, the Son “who came in the name of the Lord, the Sabbath said to the people of Israel that the Son of Man(GOD) is the LORD of the Sabbath, that is why He Himself broke the physical Law. Matt 12:1 – 8

18. And because He is the Sabbath Lord that gives rest forever without working where he will come as a King to rule all kings of the World. Rev 1:5 – 8, He said to them, hear him saying come to me and rest. Math 11:28. This is telling you physically that if you keep the seventh day (Saturday), you know and worship on it then you that fellow is full of load, burden and the only one who can take it from you, for you to become free and have rest is the Lord Jesus Christ.

19. Therefore till now, those who are worshipping on the Sabbath day (Saturday) are full of load and they need the Son who is the true Sabbath to give them rest. As Apostle Paul in his letter in the book of 2 Corinthian 3:1 – 17. And this Sabbath, who is the Lord Jesus is a new covenant which consist not of a written Law but of the Spirit, because the written Law brings death but the Spirit Law brings life eternally, verse 1 – 6

20. Now read and understand the facts about the Sabbath, which Moses the LORD’s servant gave to the people of Israel. This Sabbath is a shadow and copy to the real and true Sabbath worship to come. And so, the servant said, the LORD your GOD will raise among you a prophet just like me, the LORD your God will put His words in His month and he is the one you should all obey. Deut. 18:16 – 20

21. And Apostles also wrote about what Moses said about the prophet, they also said “He must remain until the time come for all things to be made new as he announces through the prophets” Acts 3:17 – 23

22. Now Saul, the Paul also witness this facts that the Law and its Sabbath worship is truly the copy to Christ. Colo. 2:16 – 19, Heb. 8:5 – 6, 13. Therefore, Apostle Paul urges and adviced that “do not be deceive, for you to stop holding on to the Word of the Christ, who is to come and restore all things just as Moses made known to the Israelites before the Christ, the Messiah came.
John 1:40 – 41, John 4:25 – 26, Gal 4:6 – 10

23. And Christ is the high Priest to do this work, just as Moses was Heb 3:1 – 6,9 – 11, 14, 18 – 19 Rev 14:12 – 13
In Heb 3:9 – 11, God truly promised them a rest but because of their stubbornness God refuse them the rest that He promised, who is the Christ Jesus, verse 14 for this all of us that believe in the CHRIST as the Lord of the Sabbath, we became partners with Christ if we hold firmly to the end with confidence we had at the beginning. In verse 18 for their disobedience to the voice (WORD). God made the promise that they will never enter the Land where He would give them rest, of whom was He speaking? Of those who rebelled. In verse 19, Apostle Paul said that they were not to enter the Land because they don’t believe.

24. Jesus, the Lord of the Sabbath, because His name gives rest and on every resting day there are appointed priest to serve on that day, for that matter God our Lord appointed the Son to be the High Priest who sits at the right side of the throne of the Divine Majesty in Heaven. Heb. 8:1-7, 13
In verse two, the scripture declares that the Son who is the Priest serve in the Most High place, that is the real and true that was put up by the Lord not man. Verse 14 says, that if he was on earth, He would not be a Priest at all because physically their one Priest already who offer daily gifts required by the Jewish Law, but in verse six, Jesus has been given priestly works which is superior to theirs, just as the covenant which He has arranged between God and His people is a better one, because He based on promise of better things. And we are His chosen people not the Jews because we are born not by human origin decision. John 1:11 – 13. Therefore we deserve a better tent with it rest. The Son came in the form of the FATHER so that through Him, He will bring us the Gentile back to Himself. Colo 1:15 – 23

25. Therefore, He came to abolish the old Law of worship because of the new covenant, that we must follow this covenant which is the perfect worship in Christ Jesus. Ephesians 2:14 - 22

This just the lesson one of this message, we decided to give you this first for you to understand it, and if there is anything that worries on it, you can contact us.

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The Sabbath is a day that the Lord Hallowed. It is the Sabbath of the Lord. We are to keep the Sabbath as it is written in the Law. It is also written that Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath... The ones who worship on Sunday, worship the God of the Sun, and not the God of the King James Bible...
To have your personal rest is to receive Jesus Christ, the LORD of the SABBATH. Psalm 37:7

1. Knowing that the kind of Sabbath that God has promise, the people of Israel was a future rest which is there for their Souls, likewise, our Souls which is the Inner man, but not the physical rest for the flesh which also stands for the body.

2. You yourselves don’t understand that the flesh which is the body cannot have eternal rest, because the body itself cannot live forever on the earth, but the soul live forever, that is why the promise of the New covenant of the Sabbath is for the soul and not for the body.

3. To this, the Son of God, said I came to fulfill the words of the Prophets and what was written in the book of the Law. Matthew 5:17
This is telling us all that, the Law given to Moses including the Sabbath and it worship has to be fulfilled, which the leaders of Israel with their priest know of.

4. Therefore the Son of God who is the LORD of the Sabbath has a mission and his mission was to make known the secrets of the Sabbath day with it rest to be manifested to the Children of Israel, because it has being promised for along time.
5. And as you read already in our previous messages, in the Book of Matthew 11:28 – 29, that come to me all of you who labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Now we as bible students who want to save our lives from evil of false teachings or messages that bring the mark of the beast, what then are we doing about this statement of our SAVIOUR JESUS who said come to me and I will give you rest, which rest is He talking of here? I want all of us, believers to know that Christ Jesus is not talking about a physical rest or a Sabbath which bring condemnation to the body, but the Sabbath rest which being rest for the souls of mankind. That is why He said in Matt 11:29, that my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart and you will find rest for your souls. Again He said my yoke is easy and my burden are light, this is telling you that ones rest is in Jesus Christ our Sabbath Lord, as David said, Psa 37:7

6. Now, what did He mean about this word my yoke is easy and burdens are light. It indicates that, it is He, Christ Jesus who came to give us eternal rest has a yoke and burden which He will put on us is different from the yoke and burden of Moses Law which brings dearth and destructions of lifes.

7. Knowing that when you work physically the body needs rest which the LORD, the true God appointed from the very beginning that all mankind not only Israelites should benefit, but the whole race. And at the same time the souls also do work for the evil (sin) that is why the scriptures said the soul that sinneth will die. Why? The word dd not say that the body that sinneth will die. And God knowing that the souls will by all means sin against Him and die eternally without seeing His Maker, that is why the same True God sent His Only begotten Son to us as the LORD of the Sabbath, so that anyone who will come to Him shall receive a personal rest and eternal rest for his or her soul.

8. Therefore beloved, know that the Sabbath rest which the LORD promised His children is to be fulfilled, and this was the eternal rest in Christ Jesus our Sabbath LORD for our souls and not the body. Therefore, as you receive the Son of God and accept Him as your LORD of Sabbath, then you truly receive the promised rest for your soul, which gives you confidence that you have a future rest which Christ Jesus will bring to those who believe in Him.

9. This is what is failing a lot of souls, because they don’t believe in the Son as the LORD of the Sabbath, such people has no salvation which the Son brought to the Souls.

10. Beloved believe in Christ who is fighting for your salvation which bring rest for your soul. I want all of us to learn what happened to the woman who was caught in the art of committing adultery and according to the Law which governing the Sabbath day worship to keep it Holy and sanctify. Such person should face a death penalty by stoning, such Law brings condemnation to the body, but when they brought her with her case to the Lord of the Sabbath Jesus, He did not support them in their plan of putting her to death, rather He set the woman free and save soul and body from being put to death, by doing this, He gave the woman’s a rest. John 8:1 – 10
Verse 10, He said to the woman who was to be put to the death, where are they? Is there no one left to condemn you? No one sir, she answered well, then Jesus, the lord of Sabbath said, I do not condemn you , neither do God too but go and do not sin again. This is truly telling you that those who hold to the physical Sabbath day with it laws and regulation, festivities and the new moons are wicked and unforgiven even to their own citizens and worshipers. I now know that occurred to our dear sister who was caught by the condemning team, the Pharisees, make me to believe and understand that to have Jesus Christ as your lord of Sabbath is to give you rest which was found in the Sabbath .
You need somebody to help you to find the Lord of the Sabbath Jesus. And through the Pharisees the woman had her Sabbath Lord who save her.
And so I truly believe that through us, Christ like mission together with the group of W. L. C., the whole world, the souls who have being missed by those false doctrines which has been fulfilled, will come to know the truth about who the Sabbath Lord is and receive His promise which is the eternal rest.

11. Now to those who will doubt about the secret truth. You have to understand yourself or yourselves that the Son who was the lord of the Sabbath, was from the beginning , the Word and this WORD was with God and the same WORD was God. John 1 v 1- 3, 6, 10- 11
And this WORD who was with the Lord God, and was God, came to live among men in the world but the world was not able to identify him. In verse 11, the same WORD who is God, came to His own people, the Israelites, Jews but the same children or people did not receive Him.
Now ask why they did not receive him, it was because they were not able to realize him as he came, because of the place He was born and where He came from.
Verse 6, they forgotten that everything came into being and without Him nothing that exist came into being including the Sabbath, that is why He said I am the Lord of the Sabbath which means he himself, that is the real Sabbath.

12. To this he said the earth and heaven will pass away including everything in it with it laws and rules, but he Himself being the WORD will not pass away. Matthew 24 v 35
This is telling you that the Sabbath day, Saturday which, this ignorant people do fight of and condemn souls who don’t worship on that very day will pass away. While those who receive or accept the Son as the Sabbath LORD, who gives eternal rest will not pass away because the WORD of Jesus is in them that is why they pray for us, that we come to believe the message about the Sabbath Jesus. He said the Father, I pray that, they may all be one, may they be in us, just as you are in me and I in you. John 17:20 – 21, 23
Listen, now that the Son who is the Lord of the Sabbath and His FATHER are in you, it prove that within you, you have the Sabbath, the LORD and HIS FATHER rest in you.
13. That is why, to the disciple He said as the Father sent me so I also send you into the world or the people. John 17:18.

14. To this, the Sabbath rest was given to anyone who receives the message and teachings of God, the Father, and our True Lord, which He gave to His Son who then handed it over to the Apostles to be given to us also. To this anyone who receive and accept the twelve Disciples, then him or her has receive the Son, Christ Jesus and the Father who is the Almighty into himself.

15. Therefore as a group of W.L.C., you first have to know that Jesus Our LORD of Sabbath is waiting for you and those out side this secret and hidden message for all of you to have the eternal rest in you before your departure from this earth. Because of this rest you put this amount of money for anyone who can help you W.L.C. to understand the true Sabbath, who is Jesus Christ, this is what is what the prophet spoke about. Isaiah 56:4,6

16. I also want to remind all of you that, what you (W.L.C.) have done is fulfill the words and the parables of the LORD Sabbath Jesus.
He said the Kingdom of Heaven is like this, a man happens to find a treasure hidden in a field, de discovers it and again went back to sell everything he has came back to buy it. And that is you (W.L.C.) are trying to do. Now the hidden treasure stands for the messages or words of God with it teachings, leads to the Kingdom of Heaven where believers of Jesus teaches you to have that eternal rest, where the Father Himself will rule them forever. So that mankind will know that Jesus our Lord and Sabbath whom the Father made LORD and not Christ making Himself.
Acts 2:36
Therefore you have to know and admit that our Sabbath Lord Jesus is the LORD of all LORDS on earth including powers and rulers.

17. We thank God that there is internet which will also help the blind souls who are following blind leaders to know the truth of their salvation. This is what Jesus said no one hide what he is doing if he want the world to know, since you are doing this things let the whole world know of it. John 7:4
Jesus said “I came to fulfill what was written by the prophets and in the Law.
Know that the ten commandment talks about the Sabbath. And this Sabbath represents someone to come who is the LORD of the Sabbath. To this, the Son grew up, He made this secret known to them, that “the Son of Man, Jesus Christ is the LORD of the Sabbath. Matt 12:8
Prophet Isaiah spoke as he heard from the Lord God. He said the Lord said to such man, if you honour me by observing the Sabbath and do what please me. Isaiah 56:4, 6
In verse 6, this Sabbath is not meant for only the Jews but for we the Gentiles called foreigners too who love the LORD and observe His Sabbath. Lets understand the word “OBSERVE” and keep my covenant. The meaning of observe which means that the Sabbath is no more a particular day that mankind should use as a day of worship and as a resting day, but stands for a SAVIOUR who leads souls to eternal rest and this SAVIOUR is Jesus Christ who came to save mankind from Laws of worship of the Sabbath day, the seventh day. To this, God promise them another rest which is the covenant He said to Isaiah.
In Hebrew 4:3 – 11, verse 3, God was angry with His people Israel when He made a solemn promise that “they shall never enter the land where I would have given them rest.” This tells us that the people of Israel was promised a Land of rest and not a day of rest as thought about the seventh day, because the seventh day is not a day a land of rest, but only they were given the day of rest for them to be waiting until the time and day God will bring them that promise Land.
Now understand this verse very well and you will understand that the rest which God gave to His people of Israel was not just a day but a place of rest which they live forever without working or toiling, that is the Kingdom of God.
Verse 4, the Sabbath day was a day which God Himself rested out of His work. He rested for Himself alone, and so however there still remain for God’s people a rest like resting on the seventh day, the scripture said “there is a great rest like God resting on the seventh day and this day is Jesus Christ who said “said come to me all that are burden and I will give rest. So you now see and believe God have rested on his or her own and anyone who received Christ Jesus as the LORD of the Sabbath will have his personal rest.
Verse 10, so the word said whoever received the rest which God promised will rest from his own work just as God rested from His work, but not congregational resting.
Verse 11, let us then do our best to receive that rest so that no one will fail as they did because of their lack of faith, that is the people of Israel. Now, because it’s a personal rest and not a rest for a group or a nation and something which is to be force. You yourself have to do your best to receive the rest which was promised us, that is Jesus Christ, so our today’s sabbath is to receive and not a day called the seventh day.
Verse 7, this is shown by the fact that, God set another day which is today, anytime or anyday that if you hear the Voice of the LORD, don’t be stubborn because many years later, He spoke of it through David in the scriptures, already quoted. Therefore today is your day of receiving your rest which is in Christ Jesus our LORD of Sabbath, don’t procrastinate and be stubborn as it is written. 2 Corinth 6:1 – 2
King David long ago receive this Sabbath rest for His soul. Psalm 37:7. King David who had a shallow knowledge about this Sabbath LORD, Christ Jesus, whom the whole community of Israel had no knowledge about but only accepted this Sabbath as religion, but because King David alone among them received it. This proves to us that the Sabbath LORD is personal relationship or fellowship but not a religion or custom or a particular day.

18. So my brethren at stop worrying yourselves calculating days and moon which will not give your souls rest, but ponder and meditate on the message with the help of the Holy Spirit For the divine understanding. And receive the fullest of your salvation.
May the PEACE of the LORD be with you all.

Lesson 2
1. You must know this and accept that the son came as a messenger of the Father, the true God. And for you to come to the knowledge of the true God, unless you know Jesus Christ. John 17:3

2. My dear brethren, if you did not accept or know this, then you do not have eternal life, because eternal life is only found in the Son Jesus Christ.

3. To this, before Moses the prophet of the Israelite, who brought them the laws of the Sabbath day, before his death, he made them to be conscious about the messiah, the Christ who is to come after him. Moses said, the Christ is the One they should hear and listen and also follow whatever He (Christ) says. And there after, Moses gave a warning to them saying, anyone who does not listen to what He (the Christ) says will not be considered as one of Gods people. Why? This is because He (the Christ) is coming to speak in the name of the Lord. Deut. 18:16 – 21

4. Now, as the Son said I am the Lord of the Sabbath, means that its has been said by The Father Himself, who sent Him. Matt 12:8

5. Knowing that the words of the Son of God, which has spoken about I AM THE LORD OF THE SABBATH came from the FATHER HIMSELF, who is Our LORD GOD. And because He sent the Son into the world, He used the Son as a speaker to speak to the world. John 8:25 – 27.
Now in verse 25, they ask Him who He was because, they did not know that is the LORD of the SABBATH.
In verse 26, To this, the Son said I have many things to speak and judge concerning you (the people of Israel and their leaders), but He who sent me is true and the things which I heard from Him is what I speak to the world. Saying I am the Lord of the Sabbath, meaning, it was the Father who was speaking through Him.
In verse 27, they did not realize that He was speaking to them about the Father (THE SABBATH LORD AND MASTER).
In verse 29, it says, He who sent me is with me and has not let me alone for I always do things which are pleasing to Him.
In verse 30, also says, As He has spoken this, many came and believe in Him as the Lord of the Sabbath. John 17:7 – 8, John 12:44 – 50, John 8:38 – 43, John 3:31 – 36
Now, to the twelve disciples whom He has chosen from the Israelites, to them He said, No longer do I call you slaves, who does not know what His master is doing but I call you friends, for all things I heard from my Father, I have made known to you. John 15:15
Now, which means the LORD of the Sabbath is a mystery being made known to the twelve disciples. Now to outsiders, who are the Pharisees, the teachers of the Sabbath laws, He always spoke to them in parables in order that they will see but not to perceive and also hear but not understand. Mark 4:10 – 12
He said to them, if I had not come to tell them (about the Sabbath Lord) they will not have sinned but now, they have no excuse of their sin of their sin. John 15:22. Therefore if you did not or anyone did not accept Him as the Lord of the Sabbath, then that fellow is a sinner.

6. Now, this mystery concerning the Lord of the Sabbath, which the Son reveal to His disciples again and said to them that, many prophets, righteous men and kings of the world desired to see what you see but did not hear it, and also to hear what you hear and did not find it. Matt 13:17
This is all of us that this secret has been hidden from Moses who brought them the Sabbath day laws and it worship together with the kings of Israel including David who also did not know this fact.
That is why prophet Moses said to them “the secret belong to our God but the things revealed belong to we and our sons forever, that we may observe all the words of this law. Deut 29:29
Moses is making it clear for them that God has hidden the Sabbath LORD who Christ Jesus from them and gave them only the Law.

7. There you need to hear the Son whatever He says concerning the Father knowing that He came as a speaker of the father. In this, the Father Himself recommended Him to the disciple to hear and listen to His Son, Jesus Christ. Matt 17:1 – 5
That is why Moses and Elijah, the prophets spoke about the coming of the Sabbath Lord who is now the Son and in this way considered as God`s own people. Because he has failed to hear from God and the Lord who speaks always through the Son the Christ, whom he sent to them. To this the son told, the disciple who had wanted to know the father, he said” don`t you know that anyone who see the son, you see the one who sent me. John 14:9 – 10 V 10 if you see the son, you see the father who gave the Sabbath to his prophet and the son. Because the father lives in the son and the son is in the father, so that the words that I have spoken to you, about he been the Sabbath and the Lord indicate that those words are spoken by the father himself. And any soul who hear from the Son whom the father sent hears from our God.

8. This is what the prophet who lived long ago before the son of God was sent the father and learn from him come to me. John 5: 45- 47
This is what the son also quoted the Pharisees and the scribes and the followers and believers of Moses. Now ask yourself about the matter, of everyone will be taught by and learn from him come to me. Jesus the Son who is the Lord of the Sabbath. This is telling you that as soon as you hear from the son whom the father has sent and learn from the son come to the father, because there is no way for man to see the father personally. That is why they said anyone who comes to him should hear from him. Because he the Son also learn the father. Matt 11: 29

9. Because the Son can`t do any thing on his own authority or he can`t speak by his own words except what he heard from the father, so the Son became the father, God, first disciple, also know as (apprentice). John 6: 19- 23 therefore whoever hear from the son and comes to the son will also because a disciple (apprentice) of the son and of the father, that is the only way mankind can lean from the father. So that the son of God became also to us the senior disciple.

10. That is why in the verse 23 the son said anyone who honor, worship, respect and praise me, has done the same to the father who is unseen. This indicate that if you hold to the Son who is the Lord of the Sabbath, you have held onto the father God himself.

11. To this the son told the Pharisees that before you can come to him to became his disciples or the disciple of the father unless the father Himself draws such follow to the son . John 6: 44 and this is what the father want everyone to know, that anyone who see the son and believe in him should have eternal life.

12. To this the son who is the Lord of the Sabbath which the God of Israel gave, said when I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw everyone, many to me. John 12: 32 – 34
Verse because the Pharisees and their company were the disciples of Moses and learn all about only the physical 7th day worship which is full of problem and burden and who think that they know only the law given their hero Moses. They don`t pay attention to the words and teachings of which came from the father who is in heaven through the Son. So they don`t believe that the messiah the Christ will die and be raised to life to draw souls to himself. Therefore they doubted about him. The son is lifted John 3 : 14- 15.
Therefore as a believer of Christ Jesus you have to know that the worshippers of the 7th days are full of doubting spirit and are also unbelievers of the word and teaching of Christ and his father who sent him . that is why the disciple of Jesus Christ saw Thomas to be full of doubting spirit.

13. To this doubting which was in the people of Israel been the physical descendants of Abraham. The Christ said blessed are they who doubted not about me. As the Lord of the Sabbath. Matt 11: 6

14. As I said the disciple of Christ always doubt about the doing of the Sabbath Lord matt 14: 31- 32

15. Now because God the Lord of Israel will soon speak through the Christ his son. Who was with the father in heaven? This is what Moses prophesied and warn them about his coming. The disciples who was with the Christ who Moses spoke about also remained their fellow Israelites, the Jews, saying the same Christ must remain in heaven, until the time come for the Lord the true God, for all things to be made new as God announced through his holy prophet. Act 3: 21- 25 In verse 22 as Moses said to his followers that their God will send them a prophet, he will be one of your own people, you are to obey everything He (Christ) tells you (Israelites) and He was the prophet Jesus, who came telling the people of Israel with their leaders that He is the Sabbath and the LORD, but only they harden their hearts for the true words which Moses wrote. In verse 23 and the warning is issued to them that anyone or soul among them who will not listen to the LORD, the prophet, Jesus and obey Him shall be separated from God’s people and be destroyed and truly the people of Israel and those who refuse the true message of the Prophet, Jesus, the LORD of the Sabbath with His teachings and words which comes from the Father are not part of Gods people and are destroyed. This is telling those who are with Sabbath, seventh day worship are destroyed as they walk physical, The Son, Christ calls them “Gate of Hell” . Matt 16:18

16. That is why the Son who is the true Prophet to the people of Israel, said, “those who believe in me and my Words that come from the Father have eternal life but to them that believed not are condemn already. John 3:14 – 18. Such people are only waiting for the main day of eternal destruction which is prepared down for the disobedient of Christ Words and Teachings.

17. To this the Christ, said to the Jews and the gentiles who believe in Him, He said then you are my disciple. John 8:31 not them that hear Him and hold not His Teachings.

18. Saul the Apostle Paul, who came out from the 7th day Sabbath worship, talked also about the Christ, who came down from Heaven, The Father. Romans 10:6 – 8. In verse 8, understand yourself that God words, message, Christ is in your Heart and He is the LORD of the Sabbath, that gives souls eternal rest. Accept and receive Him into your soul.

19. And because the Father, God had chosen, The Son, The Christ to be a speaker to the Church and to save us from the false worship of the seventh day Sabbath. Because at first they were not saved from holding onto the seventh day worship and the celebration of the new moon.

20. That is why by the abundant Grace been given to us both Jews and we foreigners called gentiles including me, the writer of this inspirational word and message given by the Holy Spirit of the Father. As soon as you heard this message and accept and believe and confess the Son, the Christ who is the speaker of the Father and confess Him as your LORD and Sabbath LORD, then you are saved into eternity, which is the eternal rest which God has promised not by what the Law of the seventh Day demand but by faith in Christ. Romans 10:9 – 17
In verse 11, the scriptures said to you and me and somebody out there that whosoever believes in Him, the Son, The Christ shall not be disappointed, on the last day. This indicates that who call themselves will be failed and disappointed. Who are those who don’t accept the Son of God and believe not in His message, the words which set souls free.
Verse 12 is telling us you and me that, this is for everyone, both Jews and Gentiles, because God is same LORD of all.
Verse 13, And that anyone both Jews and gentiles as you called into the Sabbath LORD JESUS CHRIST, will be save. (Now!!!!!!!!! And they will escape from having the mark of the beast, 666)
Verse 14, I ask, how can they call to Him for help if they have not believe? And how can they believe if they have not heard the message (word of the true Sabbath) and how can they hear if the message is not proclaim. Now ask yourself which message of Christ Jesus, God the Father messenger of the truth, which was handle by Christ Jesus followers called Apostles.
Verse 15, And because of this message of Christ Jesus, the Sabbath LORD (He sent His twelve Apostles throughout the community Jerusalem and Judea for them to turn away from this seventh day worship and accept the message of Grace) and those who preach and teach about Jesus Christ, the Sabbath LORD are wonderful souls, that both we also who hold onto this Sabbath LORD.
Verse 16, Beloved ponder very carefully on the verse 16, because this verse is telling you and calling your attention that this is the GOODNEWS, which also prophesied by the Prophet Isaiah and he said, but not all have accepted the Goodnews as the Prophet said “LORD who believe our message” And this Goodnews was talking about Christ, the Messiah and His chosen disciples who helped Him to preach the Goodnews. Isaiah 40:9
Romans 10:17, This verse is telling you also that you have faith and the same faith will grow only by hearing message of Christ and not the message of Moses and His Sabbath Laws and teachings.

21. This is the message about Christ Jesus, the Lord of the Sabbath that the prophet preach because of the Spirit of Christ in them, was pointing and preaching the suffering that Christ will endure.
1 Peter 1:9 – 12, And this Christ existed before all things Colo 1:15,17,21

22. And this is what all the Apostle including, Paul was a Jewish believer and trained Pharisee, but by the Grace become an Apostle also preach Christ, so that those who heard Christ will have this rest in them. Colo 1:28 – 29
In verse 9, it makes us clear that we receive Christ Our Lord of Sabbath who is our Lord of Sabbath who is our rest for our souls not for the body. 1Peter 1:9 – 12
Verse 10, says concerning this salvation that the prophets made careful search and investigate and talked about the gift and talked about the gift God will give and this Gift is CHRIST who gave us the WORD including the Jews, so that all may receive Him and be saved.
Verse 12, this verse tells you that this message which you are studing about Christ, the LORD of the Sabbath, is what Moses, Elijah and the rest of the prophets and the Angels would like to know and understand. This what the Son explain to His disciples, saying “this is what kings, prophets had wanted to hear but they couldn’t. Matt 13:16 – 17 To this He thanked God for revealing this to His disciples. Luke 10:21 – 22

23. And so, Paul advised the believers of Christ messages not to stop holding to Christ. Colo 2:19

24. And this Christ message must live in your Heart. Colo 3:16 – 17 And by preaching Christ, our Sabbath. God sees no difference between Jews and the Barbarrians, Savages, slave and free men since Christ is in all. 1 Timothy 1:8 – 11, 14 – 16, 2:3 – 7

25. Therefore if you claim that you are a soul of the living God, then we challenge you that the only message you ought to hear nor listen always is the message of Christ not of Moses and the teachers of the Sabbath worshippers. Now me ask you, what kind of message you are hearing that makes you to have the mark of the beast and make you to be anti-christ.

26. Now, who is the anti-christ, the anti-christ is anyone who does not believe that the Son, the Christ came into the world and does not believe His teachings and messages. 1 John 4:1 – 3

27. Dear friends, because of the Love which the disciples of Christ Jesus had for us, they wrote the truth word being spoken by God, through the Son, by this true words they urged the believers in Christ Jesus, the Sabbath, not at all or under any circumstance welcome, receive any teaching that somebody will bring to you, besides the teachings of Christ Jesus Our LORD. 2 John 8 – 11
In verse 8, they urge the believers so that they, the Apostles will not loose what they have worked and suffered for and Christ Jesus the Son of the living God.
In verse 9 – 10, this passage is telling all of us that, what save into eternal rest is that,” if somebody does not stay in the teaching of Christ Jesus don`t even great him or to say peace be unto you” the scripture also said that if somebody does not live by the teaching of the Son, he does not have the Father and the Son, so ask yourselves if such person does have the true God and his son. Which God is he having in him. Then you must to know surely that person’s soul is having Devil, satan in him such person becomes the son of perdition. Verse 10 – 11 that anyone receives those sons of perdition, are one with them in their evil and unbelieving works that they do. To this before you, as a soul desire to support or help a church, mission, work, you must test and examine that person and his mission, if the faith, the teaching of Christ Jesus. 2 corth 13:5-8.

28. To my conclusion the word of encourage which I have to share with you. So far as the mark of the beast 666 is already at work, or the Anti- christ are within us. This is the word of Christ the Lord, all his believers and vigilant so that you will not be deceive by those who will come in my name claiming that I sent them and by that the will fools, deceive even the chosen one. Matt 24: 3- 5 mark 13: 33 may the Lord God who want to meet at the time of his second coming, should help you and to open your eyes and mind to see about the men of perdition and their false messages God almighty be always at your side to revealed himself to you only by his holy spirit. Thank you for accepting the message of Christ Jesus and become His disciple before call a Christian. As His first disciples were called Christians in the town of Antioch.

29. To this that the Son, Christ knew that the Father speak through Him, He said to His listener, saying those who have the ear, let them hear what the Spirit is saying. Matt 11:15, Rev 3:6,12 – 13, 22
Now who is the Son talking about, know that He is talking the Father who is the a Spirit, that is why He said to the Samaritan woman whom He met at the well, that her God is a Spirit and by the Spirit and truth that people can worship Him (the Father) as He (Christ) is. John 4:23 – 26
This proves that for somebody or someone to receive the WORD of the Father and be taught by Him, unless He has the ear of the Spirit not the ear of flesh.
This is referring and means many things, He means, those Sabbath seventh day worship has physical ears that they only hear what the law says unto them, are called carnal minded souls and people.
In John 4:25 – 26, the Samaritan woman said to the Son of God, the Sabbath LORD that we know that the messiah, called the Christ will come and when He comes He will explain all things to us.
Verse 26, And the Son, the Sabbath LORD said to her I AM HE, so this indicates that the people of Israel with their leaders were all waiting for the Messiah, the CHIRST to come and explain to them the teachings of the Laws and the Ten Commandment. And truly, He come explain them, but because they don’t have the spiritual ears to hear, they rejected Him.

30. Therefore knowing that the deaf ears, souls, nation, are the people of Israel.
To this, is what their own LORD said “I make them deaf and blind, so that they could not see without perceiving or without understanding. Isaiah 6:8 – 13, Mark 4:10 – 12, Rom 11:7 – 13
Please think of the verse 13 [Isaiah 6:13], the new beginning and worship is the Christ to come to them. Romans 11:7 – 13, in verse 13, we gentiles following the teaching of Christ Jesus, which Apostle Paul preached to we gentiles, because we know God through the Son only.
Even the King David prayed to the LORD to open His eyes to see into the perfect Law. Psalm 119:18.
To this he talked to his disciples about the Pharisees and their followers that, they are blind leaders leading the blind souls. Matt 15:13 – 14.
This proves or makes clear that anyone who is still holding onto the teachings of the Pharisees Sabbath day seventh day teachers were blind, that is why Hosea wrote lack of knowledge my people perish. Hosea 4:6, not we the gentiles and they are also fools, that is why Jesus urge the disciples not to be foolish, like them. Luke 24:25 – 27
In verse 27, Jesus Christ the LORD of Sabbath open the eyes and the minds of His disciples before he was taken up to Heaven.

31. And so the same LORD JESUS, the Sabbath LORD appeared to Saul, the Paul on his way to Damascus to persecute and kill the disciples of Christ, on his assignment of the blind and deaf Pharisees with their leaders and Priest. Acts 9:1 – 6
Now, what was the main reason why Jesus, our LORD of the Sabbath met Saul who became the Apostle Paul. He was converted purposely to go them, the Israelites, his own people to open their eyes.
To this, I want you all to know that if you want to be saved, then hold and follow the teachings of Christ Jesus given to Apostle Paul, either than that you are a loser and failure. Acts 26:1 – 18, Psalm 119:18


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