The Seventh Day Adventist What do you think of there bible beliefs? Are they right about the Sabbath.

I don't here much about this church are people misinformed about this church are they truly following the bible some say it an cult people of god tell me what you think.

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All is well. I would be glad to fellowship ( Our church website is I fellowship with quiet a few. Yes, sundown to sundown. This invitation is extended to anyone. I love to fellowship and here your point of views, so that I may better understand you, and you me. I believe I can always learn something from others who are the same and different. What the enemy don't want is that type of fellowship because that drives unity, and unity creates power. His tactic has always been the same, "divide and conquer".
I agree with you about unity it is important that the goal stay what God has commanded it to be so we can grow in strength form each other. Here is my pastor e-mail and don't forget to mention it was I who gave it to you so he can make the connection His name is Tyrone Boyd I will check out your church site. and now that I have your e-mail I will stay in contact with you God bless.
Henri, I dont know many 7th D. A. personally but the ones I am familiar with are my closest friends - thats worldly wise and in the Lord. And from how they keep the sabbath they dont begins at sundown on Friday evening and ends on Saturday evening. They get on my nerves a little with the dietary things. I dont mean just staying away from pork and shell fish but things like dont drink fruit juice with your meal. Oh boy!
But I love 'em.
I dont understand anyone being against keeping the I ? No.
But I believe the sabbath is for all mankind not just Jews.

For me - why is there a 7 day week for the whole world if days dont matter. There is a beginning and an ending and at the end of it - the Lord hallowed it.
So they get my respect.
I still can't get with the teachings of Ellen G. White.

So let God be true and every man a liar. :-) There is a sabbath day still and He didnt change it.
Newview as long as you understand the bible teaching thats all that matters I dont live and breathe Ellen white but the word of God as long as I got that no other teaching really matters. Thanks for your input.
Tara, I wish there were no denominations.
I can fellowship with anyone that tries to live holy...Holiness is refreshing.

It is all about God. Bless you.
I am on a strict holy and unholy, clean and unclean diet, but a vegetarian, I can't get with that one. I don't even know who Ellen G. White is. I don't agree with the Michael the archangel being the same as Jesus Christ either. However, I am still willing to fellowship. I am about one thing, soul saving!!
Thanks so much for your input on what an Cult is now some people can know the difference please share any more insights you have on this topic God bless.
hello i dont think they are a cult but is following old testment doctrine we are free from the law we aree under the new testment or covining or corventant so we worship god on the day our lord rose on the first day of the week now they have a lot of false doctrine any time u dont belive in Jesus being son of God that is enough but the have some great methods but the dont belive in fellowshipping with other religions but Jesus done alot on sat. so that enough for me

Did Abba HIMSELF say that we're no longer under the law?
Did his Apostles say that we aren't? If they aid no, then its just as good as Him saying it Himself....
no but God inspired this men what to write are u call God a lie
Well I am actually a member of the 7th day adventist church and I have heard nothing about this micheal the archangel stuff and you can't actually know what we are about from people who dont really know because they are not in the church. First off we dont "condeem" people or anything by saying "oh if you dont follow are ways your going to hell" we believe that if you follow God and believe in him with your whole heart then you will pave your own path =) It's hurtful at times to hear what other people say about our church because they are my family. I know everyone in my church and its the best feeling in the world of being accepted with warm arms. We do follow certain food guidelines (not everyone does) alot of people are vegan or vegatarian. I'm not I still eat chicken and turkey but im trying to give up pork. I can't say we are right about the sabbath because I think that in a way every religion is in a way right. So we go to sabbath every saturday where I attend sabbath school with my other friends. Also another thing is we usually study before being baptistised. About the whole jewelery thing not many people wear it because they just dont feel its right but I wear it and nobody is ever mean to me because it doesnt really bother them. We just basically follow the bible and the ten commandments. Some families are stricter then others as some dont like them to watch tv because they find it promotes bad things or can also in a way take away time from God. My dad and stepmom watch 3abn which is a sabbath broadcasting network where you can watch people go on mission trips and listen to sermons and whatnot. In a way I feel that as a church we communicate real well and its not like just a thing that you feel that you need to go to. During communion we do feet washing and have this flat bread stuff and grape juice (people dont really drink achohol) we have this usually on the first week of the sabbath every maybe two months. I can't really think of anything else to write so I hope this helps =)


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