The Seventh Day Adventist What do you think of there bible beliefs? Are they right about the Sabbath.

I don't here much about this church are people misinformed about this church are they truly following the bible some say it an cult people of god tell me what you think.

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Brittany thank you for sharing you insight about the SDA I created the blog as a learning tool for people to express what they know about SDA. One thing everyone can agree on is the sabbath is Saturday not Sunday God never changed the sabbath. Have you ever saw this in the bible for your self. SDA are right about keeping the sabbath ask your pastor or someone you know and trust to help you to understand it better. When you doubt the sabbath your doubting Gods word I say this because of the statement you made in your response. I hope this helps you.

(I can't say we are right about the sabbath because I think that in a way every religion is in a way right).
The 7th Day adventist is an organization and movement developed, and funded by the Rockerfeller Foundation. This is no religion. It is a business to try to get people away from the truth with partial truth.
ben if it not the way u think every one is wrong look as though satan have a strong hold on him and his belive if u belive in Jesus u will be free. AND BEN YOU ARE NOT.stop finding fault in every one and thing and find the truth
@ Pastor Charles..

If it is not according to the scriptures then it is wrong, not according to what I think... I follow what is written...
you think so
I know so..
what bible u read


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