I returned to Pennsylvania from NYC in 1963. I was born in Bethlehem, Pa. I settled in Easton, Pa. when I returned.I began doing investigative reading and reporting about 1966 after I experienced two terrible medical abuses in 1964 and 1965which I didn't know were abuses when they occured. And, because of what I saw and heard happened to other black people, and what I read which showed the white medical-scientific community's disdain for the lives of non-white people. My focus however, was only on us black folk. Though at first my reports were primarily dealing with medical issues the vendetta, the surreptitious punishment from persons who worked behind the scenes were electronically based!


Every day beginning from about 1966 until this day I have big and small problems the average person is not plaqued with constantly like I am.  In 2007 or 2008, on the internet I learned about what is called Street Threatre the organized and systematic abusing of whistleblowers, dissidents and all who speak out against the prevailing political and racist policies. The abuse lasts until the harassed is dead. Many victioms of Street Theatre commit suicide. If you'd like to learn about Street Theatre search  Street Theatre.raven1  on the internet.    Americans who never dissented are also systematically abused when being used as guinea pigs in the development and refiinment of Directed Energy Weaponry which can kill without leaving a clue they were involved and causes injuries which mimic natural diseases.  Whites tracking this subversion show the pictures of such black victims on the internet.


 I was forced to flee Pennsylvania with my husband and two small sons after I saved a young black mother being medically murdered by her white doctor, a Jew. After saving her, I was accused of stealing registered mail. I was able to obsolve the problem before it became official.  But, with all the other harassments from doing investigative reporting, I knew more were on their way. So I returned to NYC around 1967/8. There I had a much larger audience for my flyers. In NYC I was know on sight by thousands of people who read my flyers. I was close to Queen Mother Moore and a member of her organization closed down by NYC officialdom. Over the years I never put my name on my flyers because I wanted to protect my three small children. But the perpetrators of the crimes I reportd knew I had written the flyers. In the early 1990's 50,000 marched in NYC. on the same day people marched in Wash. DC and in Canada carrying my flyer containing new,unknown information about AIDS. 


In 2002 after being advised to leave NYC because I would be seriously harmed or killed because of my expose's  I moved to Washington, DC;   But, from 2002 until this day I never connected with the type of people and organizations like those I dealt with in NYC.


Beginning in Oct. 2006 I saw evidnece  that we low class blacks living at 1221 M St NW in a building suspsedly run by the DC government were being set-up  to be used in a bird flu experiment.  I felt we were being set up for such a project because one morning suddenly about 100+ piegons turned up  from no where  in the trees in front of the building.  And after a month or so bird dropping was so thick on the sidewalk it crunched under our feet.  I deduced .that it could be said we residents caught bird flue from tracking the bird droppings into our homes.  I told this to the tennants assoc. president  and He agreed with me. He forced the maintenance department to clean and disinfect the side walk and keep it clean.  The guards vaccumed the rug at the front door every hour.  After about three weeks the piegons were GONE as suddenly as they arrived. 


Around Feb or March 2007 I was moved from my first floor studio to a studio on the top floor, the 10th floor. Around the end of April 2007, in this new studio, I was subjected to a phenomena that drew strength from my body in increments. Even though I could feel something in the air when the process began like everyone else I ignored and denied  what I didn't understand.   I did not believe what was happening to me was happening even though I became so weak I shook when I walked. On the Sunday morning of June 3, 2007 the pulling of strength from my body was so strong I knew I would die if I didn't get out of my so-called home.  As I threw necessities in a shopping cart,  a few clothes a lot of books, the pulling gradually depreciated and stopped.  This caused me to think I was being watched and the pulling stopped so I would not leave.  


I left that studio and never spent another day there.  I moved in with my Mother at 1438 Oak St. NW. In May 2008  a book fell into my hands describing the device which draws energy out of the human body. In the book on page 27,its called the electromagnetic vampire.It was devised by nazis during WWII and was discovered according to the book 1970-1980.  The name of the book "Hitler's Suppressed and Still-Secret Weapons, Science and Technology. , published by Adventure Unlimited Press.  Author, Henry Stevens


My only reason for detailing some of the things that happened to me which white dessinters report are happening to them is because many whites have found out Jews are not who they say they are. The book The Synogogue of Satan givs a history of Jew's evil doings and tells who today's Jews really are. Whites have also made available for downloading The Talmud which Jews who gave us Christianity use for themselves as a guide of life. But Microsoft has refused to let the Talmud be dowloaded on its system. At least,  I can't down load it on my computer.But I downloaded the Synogogue Of Satan.  The evil Jews have done to all people is reason for us, the most abused by Jews,(they were in charge of transporting us from Africa to America for enslavement) to question the doctrine they have given us. And realize it helps them more than it helps us. I'd like an expert a black preacher to comment on these two books that prove Jews are the great deceivers.  

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