Have you ever been in church and someone is up sharing their testimony and you hear someone whisper in the crowd ... *smpf * I've been thru worst stuff than that! As if to devalue the other person's experience.

Are some things for God's ears only?

I was sharing my testimony about some incidents of abuse that I experienced in my past relationships and a young lady confronted me and told me I was sharing too much in my testimony. In other words, I should protect the identity of my past abuser. She said that the telling of one's testimony could hurt the abuser if they later get saved. She said some testimonies should be for God's ears only...

I've always wondered about people who have said they were abused by a spouse or a parent or member of the clergy. Like me, they didnt name names but just the fact you say it was your father or mother, people will undoubtedly know exactly who that person is.

Joyce Meyers both openly admits that her father abused her and Paula White shares stories of abuse as well. James Robison admits some things about his mother. The list goes on.

Is silence really the way to overcome ???

Have you heard the phrases: "What happens at home stays at home" and "What happens in the church stays in the church"

Should this really be ????

At what point does a testimony turn into tale bearing or gossiping?

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If you are of the Lord,He will guide your words through the Holy Sprit.Sometimes it might not be about naming names,but sometimes you have to punch satin square in the face,and call him out by name.Some testimonies do turn into stories for the flock,to gain that advantage over those who genuinely care.But the best testimony is taken to God first,then be led by the Spirit and do what you have to do,without fear or condemnation.But don't get caught up in a show,God doesn't hear vain babblings!
Amen Minister QGAgnew. From my own experience in sharing testimonies, it should be done by the leading of the Holy Spirit. Testimonies are shared for those who need to hear and only God knows who and when the individuals need to hear a specific testimony. This is not to say we should walk around giving the impression that we have never suffered through anything. I am simply saying God will lead you into when, to whom and how much of your testimony you are to share.


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