Recently, a good black youth was fatally shot by a Hispanic thought or presumed to be a racial bigot. Every black community in the nation is outraged and calling for justice and fairness. My question is what is the temperament and response of the national Black Community when looking at the statistical evidence that thousands of good black youths have been murdered and gunned-down by other black youths?? Again, what is the posture of the Black Community when we consider the innocent people killed by stray bullets fired by other blacks? About 80% of black youths will die or encounter violence at the hands of another black. We meed to do more than protest and march.....We need a Nation-Wide agenda to lobby for  newer laws to seriously punish any would be offender Black, White, or Other.... That causes the death of any good youth. I'm tired of burying and my feet are tired of marching.

Rev. B. Martin Sr., M.A., c.Ed.D.

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