I have been reading these threads for the last 3 months, and when Hezekiah, Pharoah, Zealot X, and Ozell, James, and Ecclesiastes 12:13 all come on the scene, they brought some info I was not aware of. They also make a lot of sense. All of their points come right out of the Bible, and I can read it, and understand it. When the people who fight with them come on, like Anthony Luckett, Anthony Watson, Trevor, Chaplin Harris, New View, and others come on, they make less sense to me. When they explain their positions, you have to believe what they say is true when they interpret the scriptures because you can't tell what they are talking about just by reading the scriptures. Hezekiah doesn't even put and explanation on half of his posts, but when I read what he posts, I understand what he is saying because he is going by the scriptures, Then when he posted that 2 Peter or 1 Peter, where it said there was not private interpretation of the scriptures. That let me know that people have to interpret it because they don't know the scriptures, and also they want you to have to come to them to hear the word, instead of learning it by reading the word. I think that the so called Israelites seem more Christian then the Christians themselves. They go by the Bible more than you, and you are suppose to know the scriptures. I believe that what the Sunday Christians as Hezekiah would call them all post is what you think, and not what the Bible says.. I would rather learn with the so-called Israelites because they won't look down on me for not knowing. They will help me learn, and love me like the Bible says, by keeping the commandments. Keep posting that scripture fellas. I am writting it down, so I can start teaching my Youth ministry the real word of God. I just got out of Prison, 7 months ago, so I don't know a lot about the Bible because I learned theological studies in Prison. Keep posting Israelite guys, People are watching and learning from you, and I am personally cheering you on..

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...which is absolutely NONSENSE!!!

But I just learned from James that it is indeed lawful to hunt my chicken, kill my chicken, pluck my chicken and season and flour it - I just cant cook it.

THIS MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE AT ALL. No wonder he's at a loss for salvation.
Trevor. Listen, your God did not teach you these rules, ok. little guy. Our God taught us these things. I'm sorry, you don't have any rules to follow, but that is how your God works. Don't hate on our God because he loves us, and gives us rules to follow to discipline us, so that we are able to handle becoming equal to Christ and rule with him in his kingdom. Your Christ did it all for you, so why do you want to knock down our Christ.

We are not to cook or kindle a fire on the Sabbath.

Why are we allowed to wear ourselves out on the Sabbath (day of rest) to hunt and prepare our food but we cant cook it?

What is the significance of this rule?

the game of semantics lol. Anyways, we are to rest from our jobs on the Sabbath. If hunting is a job, then do not hunt. Sabbath rules are in Torah... Read all about it. Dont just take my word for it.
Or else what James? GOD will decree that you be stoned the next time you go to a Church service???

What you are missing here is that the Laws of Moses were punishable by death. If you gather sticks, you were stoned. If you did this, stoned...did that, stoned.....All the punishments of the Law of Moses ended with stoning or being cut off from the camp. Are you telling me that your salvation is on the line if you go to the stove to cook some soup!?!? What is this madness that you are talking about? Are you trying to relate to Esau? Paul was really on to something:

"Oh foolish Galatians, who have bewitched you?"

I will no longer refer to the Black Israelites as such, but I will publicly refer to all as Galatians. If I see one of you in the street, thats exactly what I will call you all! The Galatian Church
What you are missing here is that the Laws of Moses were punishable by death. If you gather sticks, you were stoned. If you did this, stoned...did that, stoned.....All the punishments of the Law of Moses ended with stoning or being cut off from the camp.

This is my point exactly!!!!!

Since no one is walking "perfectly" according to the Word (or Torah), it would seem to me that those who insist on "keeping the Laws" should have been stoned to death by now! But, they are still here - what's up with that????
You are not a good person Brother Watson. You just made a joke about death. You were just infering that if the law of Moses was in effect to be killed as soon as you sin, this would go back to being a Pagan Christian network. I want an apology on behalf of all the good Christians on this network. You are wrong sir, and frankly deserved to be removed from this network.
Truly, if you are to keep the Law of Moses, then you are to keep the ENTIRE LAW, that includes the punishments of stoning for working on the Sabbath, as it is written:

James 2:10
"For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all."

But never mind that, we don't wanna face that bit of truth, now do we Galatians?
The stoning, and all of that kind of thing was in the Levitical Priesthood, and animal sacrifice. The High Priest is the one who ordered stonings when they spoke with the LOrd. You don't know anything about the Bible. You know what you theology has taught you. You also always look to your own understanding. You and Brother Watson sound like my son, when he wants to do what he wants to do. You both want to be Lords over the Flock, and when it comes to the word of God you want to be able to serve God your way, and be able to talk about it, and have people accept it. That is not right. You will never teach you false doctrine here ever again as long as the site creator allows me to be on this network.

Read all about it in the Torah. How can the word of Yah be madness??


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