I have been reading these threads for the last 3 months, and when Hezekiah, Pharoah, Zealot X, and Ozell, James, and Ecclesiastes 12:13 all come on the scene, they brought some info I was not aware of. They also make a lot of sense. All of their points come right out of the Bible, and I can read it, and understand it. When the people who fight with them come on, like Anthony Luckett, Anthony Watson, Trevor, Chaplin Harris, New View, and others come on, they make less sense to me. When they explain their positions, you have to believe what they say is true when they interpret the scriptures because you can't tell what they are talking about just by reading the scriptures. Hezekiah doesn't even put and explanation on half of his posts, but when I read what he posts, I understand what he is saying because he is going by the scriptures, Then when he posted that 2 Peter or 1 Peter, where it said there was not private interpretation of the scriptures. That let me know that people have to interpret it because they don't know the scriptures, and also they want you to have to come to them to hear the word, instead of learning it by reading the word. I think that the so called Israelites seem more Christian then the Christians themselves. They go by the Bible more than you, and you are suppose to know the scriptures. I believe that what the Sunday Christians as Hezekiah would call them all post is what you think, and not what the Bible says.. I would rather learn with the so-called Israelites because they won't look down on me for not knowing. They will help me learn, and love me like the Bible says, by keeping the commandments. Keep posting that scripture fellas. I am writting it down, so I can start teaching my Youth ministry the real word of God. I just got out of Prison, 7 months ago, so I don't know a lot about the Bible because I learned theological studies in Prison. Keep posting Israelite guys, People are watching and learning from you, and I am personally cheering you on..

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As I said elsewhere, I am not sectarian. My brothers, sisters, and mothers are those who do the will of G-d. (Mark 3:35) You haven't said that "I" have attacked Christians. You said my "Black Israelite" brothers. Who are you talking about? If you are referring to those clowns on the street they are not my brothers. They are just as much your brothers as they are mine since we are all, at last check, what has been called "black" people. But no you're not even talking about the UPKers because you say "on the BPN for months". But this is astonishing since the people you have shown in the videos are clearly UPK members and not an accurate representation of ANYONE I have seen on this site. And trust me... UPKers stick out. They're hard to miss.

The fundamental flaw with your argument is that we are all the same and so its okay to attack us all as a group. After all, they've been attacking Christians as a group. The flaw with that is Israelite is not a religion. There are religions WITHIN the Israelite nationality. I do not myself identify as a Christian. And by that I mean a member of the religion known as Christianity. We may have the same ideal. But then again, many religions have the same basic ideal also. I have seen about 1/3 of the Israelites here identify themselves as Christians so that sounds like an internal problem to me. Most Israelites who do not identify so closely with Christianity do not spend this much time trying to convert Christians. I myself am only here because I was asked to be here. But it was the spirit since my presence here has been helpful to a couple people at least. But I am not here to convert. In general people will believe whatever they want to believe. You have to know who to reach out to. I'm here to provide information, edification, and clarification. Correction only if I have to.

I was not asking for an apology for those who are UPKers because certainly they are guilty of being the ones in those videos. But surely, whether you have a problem with the other Israelites or not, there is no excuse for what YOU do. There is no excuse for telling lies or bearing false witness. Men of G-d were often beheaded or fed to lions or sold into slavery because they followed Yeshua. And they stayed true to his teachings even unto death. Mr. Watson, I am only asking that you be true to the teachings which you claim to follow, not unto death, but unto annoyance. That's really what they are doing to you. They're annoying you. Now if you can honestly tell me that the messiah would have done to Israelites on this forum what you did then I would say your conscience should be clear.

However, the bottom line is that you guys are feeding negativity and strife between you too and its not one side that is to blame. BOTH sides share it. But it is INDIVIDUALS, not Christianity that has called us UPKers when we are not, nor did Israel call you a mason. An individual did that (or came close enough that it didn't matter). You were both acting as individuals venting your collective frustration and that, with all due respect, had nothing to do with me. But this is how things escalate. I can't ignore a false image being thrown out there and applied to all of us because even if you know its not us, many will be deceived because they trust you. That is why the apology is necessary. But its not for me. It's for you. I forgive you. But you have other Christians under the impression that I, Zealot X, am somehow connected to these guys you claimed are the face of the Israelites on this forum. And that sir, simply isn't the truth.

You have told me "If what I posted doesn't apply to you, then simply ignore it" but please understand that this statement, although I understand where it comes from, is ultimately hypocritical because you did not simply ignore whatever was said about Christians. If it didn't apply to you then why didn't you ignore it?

So while I understand your feelings and empathize, that still does not negate the fact that a wrong has been done to innocent people. 99.9999% of Israelites are not here antagonizing you and haven't said one mean or angry word to you. And we do deserve an apology whether you think we should have one or not.

@ Brother Watson

The key words, it is the way I feel. All of your doctrine, and belief system is all feelings, and no truth. I can understand why you would not think you need to apologize. None of Satan's children take responsibility for their actions. You won't take responsibilty for teaching your congregation a lie. How could we expect you to apologize for slandering the name of Israel.

could you please refrain from insinuating that he is a child of Satan? That is instigating. I need you to rise above that. Even if you think its true, saying it may do more harm than good. You may end up pushing someone more toward haSatan than Yah. You have to let the spirit PULL them rather than you deciding they will never get it and pushing them away. It is the love of abba YHWH that we treat people BETTER than they deserve. That is what grace is. So instead of telling you to treat Mr Watson as you would want Mr. Watson to treat you, I say be gracious and treat him better than that. The more respect you give the more you will receive.

I am not insinuating anything. The scriptures show me who he is. I see what you are saying Brother Zealot. I can post this brother 20 scriptures showing what he is doing. Here is the whole thing. If you are keeping the commandments you are following God. If you don't keep the commandments, you are following Satan. Take it or leave it. I am warning him of his ways. I am not calling him a name. Did not Jesus say to Peter when Peter told the LOrd that the disciples would not let Jesus get killed, " Get behind me Satan.
i 2nd Bru zeals thoughts bru hez
Proverbs 18:19
A brother offended is harder to be won than a strong city: and their contentions are like the bars of a castle.

remember ------- 2the Ncrease of Knowledge&truth
all of these silly videos of the black hebrew israelites that were posted on here for slander are just ridiculous. my goodness...i mean most of them have idols all over the place, not to mention the nonsense. with the 6000 books and all the credentials that a certain someone has claimed to have, this seems really juvenile...
very there hole stand point has moved from doctrine to slander???? LORD forgive them
consider the source maybe? lol
i dont see where you have been mocked -- i have seen you stand corrected several times...and if you feel there was a case where you were attacked -- as a supposed man of God, do you lack the skills to handle this with maturity and knowledge rather than rude and childish comments?
Bro.Watson . . .consider the source!
Grace and Peace be unto you in the name of Jesus. I pray thee will humble yourself. Those are your feelings that you have on the inside. However when you feel no one can teach you don't lean on your own understanding.Start seeking God more on your own .When you seek him you will find him. God will carry you and let you know who he really. Seek his face and you shall find him. Please ask yourself do really desire to know him? If you have answered yes he will open his heart and time to teach you.God is the greatest teacher ever.

Proverbs 1 (New King James Version)

Proverbs 1
The Beginning of Knowledge
1 The proverbs of Solomon the son of David, king of Israel:
2 To know wisdom and instruction,
To perceive the words of understanding,
3 To receive the instruction of wisdom,
Justice, judgment, and equity;
4 To give prudence to the simple,
To the young man knowledge and discretion—
5 A wise man will hear and increase learning,
And a man of understanding will attain wise counsel,
6 To understand a proverb and an enigma,
The words of the wise and their riddles.
7 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge,
But fools despise wisdom and instruction.


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