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Bless you Apostle, thank you for keeping it real! To the uppermost! I am especially glad to see that you have tooken the word of God spiritual and literal and have binded both Truth and Mercy about thine neck! A rare word deeply seasoned fitly spoken.
Very catchy yet misleading title, with no Word to back it up just a whole lot of opinion.
This video is an interesting one sir. Its a misleading title alright, but you spoke the truth.
Oh my, you awesome man of God, that is a word to the nation. Thank you for the Boldness of God. May you continue to walk under the Apostolic Grace. Your sister in the Lord Pastor B
this is what has the african gentile in chains today---
first a prophet preacher warrior or any thing under the sun is not sex---or gender controlled.
DEUS---thus a mother of a prophet can be deem holy than the prophet himself...
esther---and several other women ruled as judges in the Hebrew bible...
the new testamnet nonsense of the female being subjected to a dickless man in america is crazy...
the african gentile female has shown herself to be the leader or true leader of the african gentile since the ending of the Seminoa Wars.
The african female due to the slaughter and forced prison labor of the african man was forced to provide spiritual and practical guidance to the klan.


to discount the bonafide power of the black female peacher, in the realm of the black curch is to discount euro self.

I want to thank you Apostle for that word, as I continue to be led by the Holy Spirit I realize that those who believe that women aren't called to preach are bound by spirits. It is not even to say women shouldn't preach, but they are even threatened by what they think is a babe in Christ for they having been anointed by GOD. The bottom line is spirits are manifesting themselves with great boldness and it is what it is. I thank God for the bread of life for it is He who calls us to ministry, not man. That is why one must study to show themselves to be that workman/woman among workers not of a busy body, but one of gospel truth for who the SON sets free is free indeed not the truth setting us free for if it was truth many having received truth would not be still using drugs, abusive ect.. have you not. I thank GOD for given you revelation knowledge for only the Holy Spirit gave you that.

May you continue to be bold as a Lion, strong as an Ox, keen as an Eagle moving with great results, God bless you and all that you do for GOD will honor your humbleness and a man of God.


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