By Tarmeque L. Hawkins © 2007

What has this world come to? I really don’t understand.
How people act like it’s okay, to mistreat their fellow man
True, times have changed. True, life is sometimes hard.
But it wouldn’t be this way, if we still trusted in GOD

What happened to worship? What happened to praise?
What happened to giving GOD the glory, and thanking him for your days?
Why did we remove prayer from school? Why were metal detectors put in?
Why do we allow our children to continue living in sin?

“Train a child in the way it should go.” That’s what MY Bible says.
“When it grows old it will not depart.” He or she will praise the Lord instead!
Children today have no respect. The fault or blame is not their own.
They do what they see and learn. Charity begins at home.

If children don’t see you show love and compassion, tell me, how can they?
If you never fall to your knees and say a prayer, why do you expect THEM to pray?
If you don’t want them to use profanity, why do you curse in front of them?
If you don’t give GOD any of your time, why expect THEM to worship him.

This is not to say that children ARE the problem with the world.
This is to say the parents need to be accountable for their boys and girls.
If you sincerely want them to do right, you must practice what you preach.
Spend TIME with your own children and stop letting TV and the babysitter teach.

We blame the media, music and peer pressure, for all our kids’ negative actions.
When the fact of the matter is: Our parenting skills are TERRIBLY lacking.
We were taught better, we know better, yet on others we place the blame.
Instead of being responsible and raising our kids, we treat them like they’re a pain.

These children we shake our heads at, and cross the street to avoid,
Are the same children who ARE the future, now, think about it real HARD.
Ten years from now, having had no direction & upbringing, where will the world be?
I’m afraid when I imagine the possibilities, afraid enough for both you and me.

Question: What can we as Christians do about it?

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Thank you. My heart goes out to the Youth of today. There is no real guidance or morals in today's society. Parents of today are NOT training their children up according to the WORD. From a Youth Director's perspective, this is AWFUL. What can we as Christians do other than pray? What actions can we take in our own communities?
Good Evening,
I enjoyed reading your piece it was very nice. As women and men of God, we need to guide the children the right way and be honest with them. We need to tell them about the pit falls that we might or might not of fell into. And most importantly don't leave a child hanging if we do not know the answer be honest and tell them, that you don't know, however, you will get back to them. I learned from bringing up my children that you can't always say to them " because I said so thats why". (Now sometimes its works) LOL.
In our communities we can go out and tell them the good news also. Let them know and see that God is not just in the church, but He is everywhere. Teach them how to pray, and build them up and let them know that they are important. No matter how many times we say that they are somebody, it is someone out there trying to tell them that they are not. I have made it to 2 children that are on there own and I thank God for them everyday. At one time I thought what they had learned they had forgotten, but I remembered when one was nine and the other ten and my youngest son died in 1997. September 3, 1997 he filled my children with the Holy Spirit. Now if I had not remembered that I might of given up on them in their teenage years. But I am very happy to say that they made it, and I made it too.
The scripture is true train up a child in the way that they should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it. To me that mean they will return and give God His glory.

I hope this has helped. Have a bless evening
Sis Bridgette, Thank You. You are so right and I can appreciate how you shared your experience in raising your own. I too was one of "those" teens. My Mother didn't give up either. She stayed prayerful and faithful that I would find my way "back". If she were still here today, I know how I live would please her. Question: Do you also think / believe that part of the problem with our Youth is that "some" of us teachers, leaders, parents etc., teach the kids what "Thus saith the Lord", but our own lifestyles don't show what we preach? In other words, the kids know we preach one thing, but are truly living another way.
Be Blessed.
Sis. Hawkins, Yes, that is so true. We must live the life we sing, preach and teach. Especially in front of our young men and women.

Thank you and have a good weekend.

Amen. You have a Blessed weekend Sis. Thanks a lot for your input. Be blessed.
Powerful truth...painful... but powerfully true. Now we can't escape, we don't get to sit back and complain. We are challenged by your words. As Christians we must first make our children a priority. Too many Christians have already given up on this generation. Thank you for your work. May God continue to bless your Ministry. In His Care, Sister Vernah


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