Believe me when I tell you that there are many things in this world that can bring you down. Just take a look at the news and you will see families that are devastated due to job loss. As we pray for those who are struggling, we also must assist them in a real-world way to address their physical needs as well as their spiritual needs.

As you go into the trenches to help others, you must be on the watch for the stones of negativity that are thrown at you by others who try to bring you down without ever finding out the facts of what you do. This reminds me of when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stood up for Black people when the status quo wanted Black people to remain the underclass. It wasn’t a KKK member that sent him to the hospital but a Black woman that took the time to seek him out at a book signing and stabbed him. Dr. King was hospitalized and was at death’s door. Dr. King recovered and reflected that had he sneezed he would have died. The strength of Dr. King was without question as he refused to harbor any ill-feelings toward the sister that nearly killed him. I don’t know about you, but to me, that story will forever be a powerful motivator in the way I view even those who choose negativity. He was trying to help and she was trying to hurt—what a contrast.

The thought for today is simple: While in your ministry and you see your brother and sister in need, please do all you can to offer a hand. Whether if it is to buy them something to eat, pay a bill or two, give them a ride, though it is out of your way, or even if it is to teach them how to fish for themselves—do something that has real value for someone. Just know that they, too, are valuable and most precious. And if anyone says anything against you to diminish your efforts, then do what I do—remember the following verse:

“Blessed are you when others [men] persecute you, and revile you, and say all manner of evil of you for my sake. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven” (Matt 5:11-12).

Never stop doing your all to take a stand against the status quo’s limited perception of how to do things. When you follow the true Creator and the true Messiah, because His ways are higher than the thinking of this world, you may find yourself being talk about. I’m so glad and I rejoice to know that the Bible declares that at the end of the day that positivity will triumph over negativity.

So, no matter what, please stay strong; stay encouraged; and always follow what you know is right in your daily pursuit to help and to love one another. Stay positive.

I love you.

Yahshua’s Redeemed,

Servant Emannu’el Branch

P.S. If this has been a blessing in any way, please holla back.

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