If you are currently dissatisfied with your life for any reason,take the time to examine your thoughts.
If you are sincere with
yourself you will be able to see the process that has brought you to
where you are now.

I hate to know that some of our brains are out of shape,and some have been manipulated.
Thoughts are the most powerful tool in the universe and they are right there in your head, think right,if you can please!
I know everyone has a way of understanding one same thing;whether good or bad.Everyone has a way of believing..and that is the source of many troubles;when we cannot agree.
You will just remember how many times you have seen people argue.That means they never agreed on something! There; one is always right and the
other wrong.
For example, of recent, I have quietly found myself in a network of gay fellows, and I read much about what they say about their
status, real rubbish! But they believe it, say it and fight for it! The
ones in Alabama have several NGOs where they advocate for their
rights.I believe many others elsewhere. And the 'Christian' ones have
churches, others attend our regular churches. Their thought processes
see that what they are doing is right, or some have to put up with
deceit, and are comfortable to live meaningless lives; oh my God!
But...that is not what I am trying to share now.I want to talk about
when it is just misinterpretation of the matter.How many times have you
had some one misinterpret what you said,wrote or did and then blamed
What did you do or how did you handle it?
I have always shared: 'Don't feed your mind with negative thoughts. If
you do, you will come to believe them.Just keep positive about
everything;and help where you can to maintain harmony!' You could help
your self, or others, to live a meaningful or just better life. Either
way, you are a good steward, you are Human! (Many people say they're
human when they do wrong only LOL!)
But I can also share briefly about Christianity and following Christ. As soon as I knew about being
Saved, I found out so many different 'savedees'. Many believers, who
read the same bible and interpret it differently, and then one says
he/she is more right than the other, and finally the belief is not the
same. Like me or hate me, I don't belong anywhere, I just belong to
Christ! I have a local church, but I don't belong there. After all, I am
just a visitor in the world. I love to fellowship with everyone who
knows my Lord, and we can share together. When some message does not
correlate, I love it when we search deep the scriptures, in prayer and
get to know the real truth.'For we shall know the truth and the truth
shall set us free!'
Suppose two friends go to see some celebrated building, and return home
to describe it. One has seen only the north side, and the other only the
south. The first says, “The building was built in such a manner, and
has such and such stories and ornaments.” “Oh, no!” says the other,
interrupting him, “you are altogether mistaken; I saw the building, and
it was built in quite a different manner, and its ornaments and stories
were so and so.” A lively dispute would probably follow upon the truth
of the respective descriptions, until the two friends discover that they
have been describing different sides of the building, and then all is
reconciled at once!
What then shall we say about what you have always been hearing?
About what you have been seeing about what you feel about this world?
There is a lot that does not match with the reason we are here,the
reason we should live.It affects all of us that have minds that still
think aright!
I am challenging us; to try and so something about it;I don't know what you think you are capable of doing, but...whatever!
You are in charge of your feelings, beliefs, and actions. And you can
teach others how to behave toward you. While you cannot change other
people, you can influence them through your own behaviors and actions.
By being a living role model of what you want to receive from others,
you create more of what you want in your life.
I have tried always, I know I just try, But I cannot stop, I keep on.
Today, should have been a bad day, since my Vacancy has been differed again,
to next year due to non-payment of my school fees, But I chose to make
it a great day, to share this message which has been on my heart, and I
am so excited, for it seems better things are on the way!
Here at TINFS.org ,We share ideas,and build people's dreams by encouragement.
I want to let you know,that no matter what you believe,the truth remains!
You are always a valuable, worthwhile human being, not because anybody
says so, not because you're successful, not because you make a lot of
money, but because you decide to believe it and for no other reason;
because God did make you perfect, once and for all!
You are endowed with seeds of greatness, you are a winner, you can, and nothing is too hard for you, if you believe!
God is our guide, He is our all, if we trust and obey.
keep on, in that position where victory shines on you like the morning star!
Love and blessings;


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