Pastors, Overseers, what would be your biblical advice to a couple who are engaged to be married and one is a tither and the other is not? They both attend the same church in the same ministry, the one doesn't tithe states: they don't teach tithing but they teach people to be givers. Will this be a discord in their marriage?

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I'll say if the couple humbles themselves, and really search the scriptures on the actual dealings with Tithing, then they could come to terms. I highly doubt that this would cause discord in marriage, unless one thinks that not tithing is breaking Yahweh's law. The real fact is that, according to the Torah, tithing was only for the Levite Priests, for they were not given land when they came from Egypt.

Biblical tithing consisted of the agricultural produce of the land, and also the cattle. Then, the Priests would give a tenth of that to Yahweh. Modern day Churches simply have no clue of biblical tithing, for they are plaqued by traditions of men, rather than Yahweh's holy word. Churches today will tell you that tithing(money) will bring great wealth and blessings.

Churches also say that if you do not tithe, then you are under a curse. This cannot be further from the truth of Yahweh Tithing, biblically, has nothing to do with giving money to Churches, ministries, etc; although there is nothing wrong with doing so. Oh, may Yahweh bring the truth of tithing to Christianity.

Thank you my brother for your response.

Remain Blessed
I will not get as scholarly as James Pierce with the subject of Tithing, (no offense intended James) but I will give you real world experience. I am a tither and I know without a shadow of a doubt the things that God has bought into my life as a result of it (monetary and non-monetary). My husband on the other hand was not....did it cause discord in the absolutely did! Although my husband knew that I was a tither, when times were tight..he expected me to stop tithing. I had to decide whether I was going to obey my belief in God and His Word regarding tithing as I understand it to be or my husband....I chose the Word because in my heart I knew that God would work everything out...and because my God is so faithful to His Word...He worked it out each and much so that my husband became a believer in tithing himself. However, that was a long and sometimes hard road to travel before getting to that point because for the longest my husband could not understand why I would give so much money to the church because afterall, "God didn't really get my money." So I guess to end this because I could go on for days..Depending upon the maturity level of both Christians...I think will determine whether or not if this could cause discord...The tither of the couple should be asked.."if their spouse ask them to stop would they handle that? The non-tither should be asked questions such as..during a hard economic time...if you asked your mate to stop tithing and they didn' is that going to make them feel. The subject has to be addressed asking as many questions as possible..They have to see all sides of it...because it may not be as simple as "Oh he/she knows that I tithe." There are enough issues in life to deal with in marriage (been married 20 years) that could cause discord.... Try and make sure that an issue with the Word is not one of them. God Bless!

Do not say,"I will never get". You have all the resources you need to study and show yourself approved :)
My dear Brother trust that I know my Word..I have studied and studied and studied some more..and continue to study...I hold a Doctorate Degree in Biblical Studies....I just don't debate doctrine. You believe how you interpret the Bible/Torah to be accurate and true. I believe I do as well. So if my comment went in that direction stance on titihing would have been different than yours...and it would have appeared as if I was debating you...and I was not. I wanted to give the young lady a real world experience of how having one individual that tithe and one that don't inside a marriage could cause discord..because afterall, that was her question. God Bless!

Hold your horses sis lol. I wasn't saying you were debating me. I personally hold no degrees from anywhere. I just humble and discipline myself to study Yahweh's word. I just stated with what you said,"I will not get as scholarly." You having a Doctorate, that shouldnt have came out of your mouth! Thats all I was saying. No debating intended, unless you want to debate tithing.
No...I don't want to debate tithing...but I am sure you could...LOL. I can tell that you are a man that studies the Word and that is a wonderful thing. If I chose the wrong choice of words "I won't get as scholarly"...I apologize. Didn't mean it to sound as if I couldn't...just choosing not to. You have a wonderful evening..I look forward to your comments in future discussions. God Bless!
Sis. Tonya,

Thank you for your response as well as sharing your testimony and experiences in the matter, this really helps. I will certainly pass on the information you have shared here in this forum.

Remain Blessed,
Apostle Linda
You at it again Bro. James?!?! LOL! (I LOVE this guy!)


One tithes, the other withholds the hand: WE GOTTA PROBLEM HERE! The tithe was NOT just food, but was the tenth of their increase. A show of gratitude to YHWH Jireth, and the funding/sustaining of GOD's Church. One wants to fund GOD's mission on Earth, the other doesn't, claiming "teach people to be givers" Truth be told, if you were to claim "free-will offering", or "giver" as stated, then the tithe wouldn't even be an issue! The tithe is but 10%. If you were such a giver, you would end up giving MORE than 10%. Not a crime at all, but in fact encouraged. The problem is those that hold to such a claim say "I'll give a free will offering" and never use their freewill to give except on holidays and when they have a knot of cash in the pocket. Can you be faithful when you don't have it like the widow that JESUS commended at the temple?

Technically speaking, they would be unequally yoked, but such may just be able to work out.............

Bro. Treavor,
I'm feeling you on your response and certainly in agreement with the statement of truth you've spoken, I take this opportunity and say thank you for your response in a powerful way.

Remain Blessed,
Apostle Linda
Your very welcome Apostle Linda. We have seen people give excuses as to why people do not fund the mission field, the Ministers, the ministry as a whole. I was reading a book on the 5-Fold Ministry. They said within the Evangelistic chapters that in 2002 the United States Center For World Missions (U.S.C.W.M.) did a study on the Western Church. A stewardship study showed that only 9% of Evangelicals tithe pulling in $15.5 trillion, but 2% of those funds go to world missions ($17 billion). The Church spends more money on Ecclesiastical crimes ($18 billion) than missions.

It is statistics like these that cause people not to tithe. However, GOD did not authorize a total halt of your tithing simply because the next guy is a thief. If the Pastor is not handling the funds right, then redirect the funds, but don't stop sending the funds in! There is no excuse for not tithing.

be blessed, speak blessed....
to be a blessing, & speak a blessing.....

Your brother Trevor T.G.


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