The Bible discusses apostles and prophets and qualifications for each. So many believers today have titled themselves either one. In light of the false prophets that have always been "tares among the wheat", I pray for wisdom and discernment to protect the flock God has given me charge over. I believe God is pouring out His Spirit and that accounts for some of the increase. What are your beliefs regarding the increase of apostles and prophets we are experiencing today?

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Grace & Peace Pastor:

The LORD has in these last days restored the offices of Apostle and Prophet back to their rightful places in the church, and the process is almost done. They as well as the Evangelist Teacher and Pastor are needed for the perfecting of the Saints and the unity of the Body. I myself am a product of such an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

As you stated, there are tares amongst the wheat! Just because there is an influx of fake Apostles & Prophets, doesn't mean that you burn the field. The body of Christ makes this mistake by saying "there are no real Apostles or Prophets today because their all acting corrupt", which is just like saying "kill em' all and let GOD sort 'em out!" This should not be so.


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