Peace and Blessings in the name of Abba YHWH

Also, Shabbat shalom to you on this holy day.

I was asked to come here during what I see has become a war. Let me first say that I love you ALL. You all have the potential to be great. Believe that. Believing in Yeshua means believing in yourself. I wanted to start with love and encouragement so you understand the tone of this message. This message is from the heart and it is only to help you. You can choose to ignore these words and nothing will change. If you follow the advice I'm about to give, who knows, but I think it will be better for everyone. want to run through some key points. If you disagree that's okay. Let's make this point one actually. Oh, and if you feel like this really doesn't apply to you then take whatever you can from it and leave the rest for others.

1) Learn to Disagree
It is next to impossible to learn from someone you don't like. Your mind will create reasons that don't even exist just to give you a rational for ignoring them. You may even have done this to me so you know this true. This is human nature. If you're going to teach others you might as well learn how the mind works and how people tend to think so that you can more effective in a positive way and not offensive in disagreements. YHWH isn't looking for you to beat up anyone physically, spiritually,or emotionally. If I say something aimed at hurting someone or getting a certain reaction I know exactly what I'm doing and whether or not its for them or for myself. But you have to learn how to disagree tactfully and gracefully. You can't bully people into doing righteousness.


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2) Lead By Example
If you want to be the priests to the nations you need to lead as Yeshua led. His examples creates the example for us to follow as leaders. What is a master? A master is the greatest servant. Has your motives been to serve the people on this forum or for your own honor and glory? Our law, Torah, is about love. You cannot teach the law outside of love and without loving those you desire to teach. You will definitely not be teaching love and therefore how can trust that you have a better understanding of the law than they do when you are all treating each other the exact same way? And they aren't the ones following Torah. You are. Therefore, you have to be the light in the darkness. YOU have to be the one who shows them that your religion (as defined by James) is better than theirs BY YOUR ACTIONS!!! Actions speak louder than words. And if you are so bent on getting your point across that you forget love in the process then you have forgotten the law and are more guilty than they.

How come most of the threads I click on, no matter what the subject is, somehow get jacked until it turns into a debate on whether or not we should keep the law? You might see this as some sort of missionary work but let me say what it really is. It's ANNOYING! Do you think Yeshua stalked potential followers? Do you think he hid in the bushes and popped out when people were coming out the bathroom? No, people followed him. He did not follow people. He shared his teachings in public places and in open forums. He didn't make himself an annoyance to anyone.And from the beginning he knew that not everyone was going to become his follower. So if someone already knows your position and you aren't saying anything new, don't ride them. Give them enough to think about so that they'll actually WANT to hear more. Don't try to stuff your beliefs down someone else's throat. All they'll do is puke on you. And you cannot win an argument by repeating your side of it more than the other person. Just because there's a new thread about the law every other day doesn't mean a pastor's going to suddenly be converted. That MAY (although I've seen no evidence of it personally) work on a lower level but generally this site is for people who preach and teach and its not going to work on them. There only really needs to be one main Law thread ("Why should I Follow Torah" is a good name) that deals with whether or not it should be kept. In other threads the law can be cited as the answer to the question or the basis of comment. But every thread does not need to be "war" on Christians.
4) Find Common Ground and Build
Stop fighting. If you believe you are an Israelite by birth then so are they. They're simply part of the matrix until they're unplugged. If you're on too opposite a side that you can't agree on anything you'll simply paint yourself into a box that no one will want to deal with except for other people in the same small box. And you'll lose your opportunity to positively affect people because they're too used to disagreement and contention. The reality is that we are on the same side being made to fight each other by a common enemy. This same enemy built the very system that they believe in. Think about how Morpheus pulled Neo out. It was a traumatic experience. Telling someone the truth on this level is extremely difficult. You have to approach it with a lot of care. If you can't then perhaps it just wasn't meant for you to teach people outside your box.

5) Listen as Well as You Speak
If you can't hear me I don't want to hear you. Fair? I feel like much of this war is simply a shouting match between deaf people. You've never seen a shouting match between deaf people because they know they can't hear. And it isn't going to go on forever that people will even be willing to listen to you. If you listen as well as you speak you may still disagree but at least you can speak intelligently and supply the reasons why you disagree in a respectful way that shows you are listening. There are many times I know I'm right but I still open the door asking for correction so that the person understands that I'm not just saying this stuff. I actually want to be corrected if need be so that I have the truth.

6) The Truf
Everyone may not have "your truth" and I absolutely hate to make the word truth sound even remotely relative. I've yet to meet someone who had "the truth" (as in the whole thing) to where they could never be corrected because they were correct on every single point. I'm not the first either. And that is why I debate. Debate helps me test the things I believe. Questions people have sometimes helps me to further question things and come up with more than just a simple answer from the Scriptures. The level I'm on I like to deal with people who already know that what I'm saying is biblical without me having to throw them a quote. It's called knowing the bible. The bible didn't even have all these chapters and verses before. You just had to know it. But the point I'm getting at is that everyone is not at the same place in their life. Everyone that Yah has chosen isn't going to be revealed at the same time and they're not going to instantly be where you want them to be in their spiritual journey. We all have a journey that is all our own. The important thing is to be on the path of righteousness. Learn to sense a person's spirit. Lead them if they need to be led. Back off if you need to back off. This isn't about what we can do. It's about what YHWH can do through us.And though they'll think I'm "rallying the troops" the truth is that have disagreements amongst ourselves because being an Israelite is a nationality not a religion. So we do not all share the same dogma or understanding of the Scriptures.
7) A Good Name is Better than Silver and Gold
This is no offense to anyone but several times I have gotten sick of other Israelites giving all of us a bad name. It's like a comedian walking into a room where people were booing the last 3 acts. The stage is already set against them. Be careful that you are not actually making it harder for people to hear and accept the word of elohim. There are so many things they don't know. If you teach them all the little things then maybe they can trust you on some of the bigger issues. Now, thankfully, no one here is anything as bad as some of the complete ignorance I have witnessed in the past. I have been cussed completely out by another Israelite and these guys on youtube seemed hell-bent on making people hate us as if the government was using them to make us cause our own persecution. So remember who you are. Remember why you are here. Remember who you represent. Do not dishonor your father, Jacob, by bringing shame upon the name of Israelite. I prefer to be humble, not humiliated. Understand how credibility works. I know you want people to listen to you. Understand that you are hurting yourself by the way you treat them. I know that sometimes I can skate along the edge myself, but even then I know exactly what I'm doing. Do you?

8) Follow Yeshua
Let it be known that I don't consider Christians as "believers" in Yeshua. I don't care what people say. I look at what they do. There would be no war here if we were all following Yeshua's teachings. If they are ever closer to showing you how to follow Yeshua than you are to showing them then that's your problem.Yeshua taught that sin begins in the mind. Some of the things I have observed I don't consider to be in keeping with the law. So watch how you interact. There's no one here I don't like. There are only some who need more help than others. Understand that we are all sick with the same disease. Do not be high-minded against your brother and don't be quick to judge. Be slow to anger. Last but not least, be wise as serpents and harmless as doves (if you need a quote for that then you need to completely read the 4 gospels).

9) It's Not About You
enough said.
shabbat shalom,I thank you for This most edifing message early on the sabbath "TEACH"
and i would like to bring bold underline to: Be careful that you are not actually making it harder for people to hear and accept the word of elohim////Remember who you represent. Do not dishonor your father, Jacob, by bringing shame upon the name of Israelite
Praise the most high
This is a sound message for everyone.

Bless you Zealot x for these powerful words of wisdom.May the LORD continue to bless you and cause HIS face to shine upon you.
yeah bru. watson
i got up and read it again(this is a great thought to start the day on) and had some brutha after the sabbath day class come over and read it, they, as you, as me, found it to be a great message for all, not just(those calling themselve's) Israelite

i gotta say Brutha zeal you bring good report to the name israel !!!
2 the Ncrease my brutha
You are so right Bro.Watson & Bro. Pharoah.

It is worth reading again. In fact, it's not a bad idea to mediate on these words of wisdom on a regular basis as it does edify the soul. I must copy & paste to my collection of study notes.

God bless the saints who really do love the Lord and His people, and are more than willing to publicly display their love.
i'am sure they have read it to ,this is why i long for you all to take me out of this bag???? (please)
i am not confederate with anyone that does not understand that YHWH is a righteous Elohim and demands
you to rep his righteousness in all your walk.....
some of us get emotionally drawn in and assumes that, they have to defend the doctrine of the lord (which he don't need our help) and go about to make some of the most foul comments then hav the nerve to associate it with YHWH,you can not say anything out of your mouth and think your reppin righteousness of YHWH,No way

James 1:26
If any man among you seem to be religious, and bridleth not his tongue, but deceiveth his own heart, this man's religion is vain.

vain babling is not of the Lord,but if we can as adults agree to disagree,and be of a forgiving heart then we are in alignment with the most high

2 the Ncrease---BruthaPharoah
Very good biblical contribution, brutha P. What is our disagreement about? Can you believe we are arguing about love? How do we suppose to argue love in a manner that isn't?

I say torah is love. They say they love without it. I say a tree is known by its fruit. Many do not understand torah while many others do not understand the LIVING torah. What good is my belief if it doesn't mean that I treat EVERYone with love? Bottom line: we need to know YHWH and how he created us to be.
Thanks pastor. That means a lot to me that you read it even once. I have had a respect for you from day one. It would be nice if we can overcome the artificials barriers with true love and mutual respect.



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