To move forward...forget about your past, mistakes, failures, sins, hurts, pains, and forgive yourself, ask god to forgive you. Develop a new plan for momentum and do not stop until you reach your highest goals, dreams and desires.Forgive others and release them to God. Do not allow their small mindedness or lack of understanding stop you from reaching your ordained destiny. Today is your day for increase, success and victory.

1. Pray and ask God to show you what and who you must release
2. Ask God to show you yourself and the areas where you have been hurt, failed, sinned and ask His help to totally release it all, forgive yourself, forgive others and ask His forgiveness
3. Get your vision out..shake it off and ask God to reignite a passion in you for the dreams, visions and things that He has ordained for your life
4. Make a decision to stop looking back and allowing your past or people from your past to hold you back from a victorious destiny
5.Ask God by His Holy Spirit to help you to devise a strategy for success
6. Ask God to connect you with the right people that can help you to reach your destiny and to protect you from the wrong people no matter who they are (including leaders, pastors and the wealthy) only if they are not ordained for YOUR destiny
7.Continually encourage yourself, build yourself up about what you can do. It is true you will not know everything you must know to get will learn what you must learn during the journey
8.Bring your resources together
9. Go forward by faith
10. Stay in touch with God daily. Be strong, courageous and bold!
11. Remember your increase is for you and others
12. Ask God to help you to prepare for next level

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