I used to listen to Tonex when I first came to faith in Christ. I stopped listening to him when I found out that he doesn't believe in the trinity. However, I was even more disappointed in him recently as I learned that he came out of the closet. Most of you probably heard about this before I did. However, I knew that he was kind of strange, and I've got to admit that he always reminded me of Prince. But this was disappointing. 

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I find it interesting that all the stars come out of the closest after going Plantinum----the life of a star is only as long as life of the star followers...
if all of gods children ceased to follow stars like mama dear, martin etc. we could save so many young boys from the homo demon---
I too had the same outlook on Tonex, Jared. Only thing was, I know something homosexual was about him. It seemed to linger on him. People will always be so quick to say "why don't you just pray for him", but the Bible doesn't even tell you to do such! He is in pure rebellion and does not care, therefore, according to the Bible standards, have no parts with him.

Its a shame though...I liked that song "Make Me Over"....the rest was garbage to me though


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