Not only am I called to serve others spiritually, I am also called to serve the physical needs of the flock. Faith [spiritual] without works [physical] is dead. When you see your brother and sister hungry, naked, impoverished, homeless, and victimized by this economy and you give them the word only without helping their physical situation, what can you say that you have done for them? (James 2:14-17)

I’m not rich but I have been given eyes to see those who are struggling financially everyday. And I have been given ears to hear the cries of those who are losing their homes by the truckload and those who are going to work every day scared of losing their jobs—jobs where some man or some woman controls 100% of the livelihood of many family’s. I believe that a job has too much power over the livelihood of any family. When the job is taken away, the entire family suffers. We must “UNPOWER THE JOB.”

To work 40 hours for 40 years only for 95% of all employees to retire dead or dead broke—this is a scam. To work every day scared of being let go, downsized, or fired when you have young mouths to feed—this is a scam. To work more than 160 hours each month and still NOT have a livable wage—this is a scam. To work two or three jobs and barely pay the bills—this is a scam. To have worked hard for more than five years and still not be able to have $500.00 in the bank—this is a scam.

This scam becomes a pyramid scam when you realize that your supervisor has a supervisor that answers to upper-management that answers to the owner, president, CEO, or Chief of Police. When earning income you cannot escape the pyramid structure whether it is Corporate America, U.S. Gov’t, or the military. It’s all a pyramid. Whenever you answer to a boss, manager, or supervisor—you are by default in a multilevel job pyramid where the upper-management makes the bulk of the money. A 9-to-5 that is keeping you broke, scared, and struggling is the real pyramid scam.

In carrying out my assignment, to help others financially, and to help others provide for their family with or without a job, my team and I educate families on how to earn a livable wage (NOT GET RICH QUICK) by using a simple and low-cost $5.00 system that is legal and ethical. We keep it simple and we get back to basics. It’s all about helping one another and getting started on no more than what you would spend on movie rental, potato chips and soft drinks. Facing the high rate of joblessness and foreclosures due to the real corporate pyramid scam, our motto is : “Never again let a job control 100% of your family’s livelihood.” I love you, and stay blessed.

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I have viewed these videos and discovered that they are not much different from the point of this thread. In other words, this too is a pyramid.


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