1. You believe Jesus is the Messiah

2. You keep the Commandments of God

3. You keep the Dietary Law, so you don't eat pork, or shrimp, or lobster, or rabbit etc.

4. You keep the cleanliness laws

5. You keep the Feasts of the Lord

6. You keep the Sabbath Day, and go to church on the Sabbath

7. You don't do Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Valentine's Day, Good Friday, Ash Wednesday, etc..

8. You follow the Lord's Lunar Calendar

9. You know if you keep the commandments in this life Jesus is coming back to raise us in the 1st resurrection, so that we may receive our spiritual bodies, and rule with Christ 1000 Years.

10. You know that all who do not come to repentance and keep the comandments will suffer etrnal damnation in the Lake of Fire.

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I am sure that the people who have their own view of Christianity will not agree with this.

This is christianity according to the Bible 

Hi Brother Hezekiah,

Where do Christian folk go to have deep discussions on the internet nowadays?

Seems like most have left here, except crazy people trying to list all the medications they take and want other people to take. 

Where are the 'forums' that are burning with really hot topics?

I do disagree!  You have many unbelievers who live these same rules.  Being a Christian is not about keeping rules, this is the law which Jesus came to fulfill.  Salvation is about living for Christ but the Spirit of God didn't come to condemn the law but to fulfill it.  When a person starts to place rules and regulations on salvation, this is a spirit of the Pharisees and Sadducees.  God is not in this.  This is religious spirit not salvation.

what is sin?

read your Bible

I see you didn't answer me. you just do your sunday drive by posts

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don't post this crap

everybody wants to be in the clouds

There is no way this is all true! Ppl come up w/ some crazy stuff!! Lean NOT to thine own understanding! Valentines Day is a day to celebrate LOVE! You mean to tell me I'm going to hell for that?! God IS love!!!


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