1. You believe Jesus is the Messiah

2. You keep the Commandments of God

3. You keep the Dietary Law, so you don't eat pork, or shrimp, or lobster, or rabbit etc.

4. You keep the cleanliness laws

5. You keep the Feasts of the Lord

6. You keep the Sabbath Day, and go to church on the Sabbath

7. You don't do Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Valentine's Day, Good Friday, Ash Wednesday, etc..

8. You follow the Lord's Lunar Calendar

9. You know if you keep the commandments in this life Jesus is coming back to raise us in the 1st resurrection, so that we may receive our spiritual bodies, and rule with Christ 1000 Years.

10. You know that all who do not come to repentance and keep the comandments will suffer etrnal damnation in the Lake of Fire.

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read your Bible. 


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