Topic of the Week: 2009 –Your husband has been cheating on us!

This Sunday Join Brother Marcus for another explosive episode on April 12, 2009 at 8:00 p.m. E.S.T. on his hit Internet Radio Show! “There are many sisters in the community that have lost all hope and faith that a tall, dark, and handsome husband will ever find them and let alone, marry them. Hell, it don’t even seem like brother man is looking at all! We all know the horrible condition that many black men are in. Have we reached a point, particularly in the black community where we are going to have to seriously consider polygamy? Why was it used in the past? Is it already going on in our community? Is this something that our children will be faced with in the future? Aren’t we already sharing our men knowingly or unknowingly with someone else anyway? Would you share your husband or your man with the rest of the community? Why or why not? Is a woman being selfish if she won’t share her man with another sister that just wants and needs to be loved? Was Shirley Murdock right about you when she sang that you would never understand? What’s your opinion on sharing? As always, we are seeking feedback before this Sunday’s show from you by typing your comment below or you can call our Toll Free Number at (800) 871-9012 and enter 24778# to share your comment. Please share your first name and what city you are calling from before you leave your comment.

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If a black man is in a horrible position, then safe it to say, who raised him to be in that position? He was at somebodies table eating somebody's great cooking all these years during his upbringing. A DAWG can only be taught how to be a DAWG by another DAWG! And the Bible says, "When a man finds a wife, he findeth a GOOD THING", so if a woman hasn't been married by age 35 years of age is that the man's fault? And why would a sista' or a so called "strong" black woman not able to catch the eye of a "good" man, if she's such a good thang? I think both, man and women need to be examined before we do what many and especially the likes of Oprah does, which is to scapegoat men while all at the same time raising a black boy. Lets start there? How many so called sista's have said something as ludicrous as in "I"m the MOTHER and the FATHER of my children"? If that ain't a lie straight outta hell.... So if the "cherch" follows the commands of Christ to "make fishers of men" then the cycle of loneliness that leads to despair which ultimately leads to bitterness will continue.


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