"TQ" (Trivia Question) "Who was the first "Prophet" in the bible?"

A member on this site is enjoying my trivia questions. So I'm going to keep them coming to get away from the norm and do something fun and educational. Enjoy!

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Abraham is the first one named as a prophet (Genesis 20:7); yet, some say Adam because of his ability to speak life and his prophecy of marriage and children.

Yes, Abraham is the first man named as a prophet. God said he would "pray" for Abemelek. Not speak to his past, future, or reveal a secret about him. Many would answer Moses if I asked them face to face. So did you google (research) this or did you already know this?

I already knew it; I always remember this story concerning this particular passage. It showed how important the prophets were to God.

But you might be wrong sir... And she might be right!

That's fine.Enoch is mentioned in OT, yet his function was mentioend in NT. There is that connection, but since Jude does mention him prophesying could Adam be counted as a prophet, since he prophesied?

What did Adam speak, and where is it in scripture? Let's look at it!

Jude 1:14- And Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, "prophesied" of these, saying, Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints,

Abraham is called a prophet, but Enoch prophesied before this. So based on my question, who is the first prophet clearly spoken of in scripture? I haven't seen where the scriptures clearly call Adam a prophet or declares that he prophesied.

It is shown that he prophesied when he speaks of that a man will leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife and become one flesh (Gen. 2:24) before the arrival of any other human. Just a thought, I'm not putting a call on Adam-just wanted to know what you all thought of it.

If we look at it in that context, God would be the first prophet because he said if they eat of the tree they would die... And they did! But if we look at it based on using the word prophet or prophecy, I would say Enoch. And Enoch is also called a preacher as prophecy is considered preaching as well. But people limit it to predictions because of shallow studying. 

Of Course God is first! Hey, I thought we were just talking about humans! But, I agree. I enjoy the study of the word, so I am enjoying this and have enjoyed other posts that support studying with scriptures that go along with what is spoken. I hope you have more trivia questions coming, Elder Edwards.

LOL... Yes, I spoke of God because you spoke of Adam and his declaration. LOL... But yes, as far as humans, Adam is the first to speak "anything". But Enoch is the first to be called a prophet or one that prophesied as far as I know. I'm posting one more TQ and another type of post right now. Enjoy!


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