The Christian community seem  to have a constant debate about homosexuality but no one seems to talk about the adultery thats taking place in the gospel setting. There is a lot of talk about Tonex but no one in the Gospel or Christian community is talking about Tye Tribbet and J Moss affairs. It seems a though everyone is keeping hush hush about that disobedience to God. You still see them on every gospel show singing with smiles and applause from everyone. It's very hypocrital that radio stations are still endorsing both of them and not Tonex. Tye Tribbett hasn't said anything on the issue and J Moss seems to think he was not at fault for his affair. When it comes to Tonex everyone wants to turn their back on him. Is this fair? Just asking

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Wow six hours and nothing huh, lol???!!!
Kia, you shouldn't be surprised that's how church folk are- I'm not surprised at all.
I will also add that J. Moss' concubine also got pregnant and he asked her, pleaded with her to have an abortion AND offered to pay for it.
Yes, the women or young girl doesn't live to far from me. It's sad.
All three are a crying shame, yet there seems to be more and more invite for Tye, and even though he's not on TV as much there seems to be more record deals for J Moss. The reason why the major preachers won't rebuke them is because:

-some of them are frauds themselves
-they are looking to increase their attendance for financial gain and prestige'
You're absolutely right.
The bible said if a man be overtaken in a fault you which are spiritual restore such an one in the spirit of meekness and considering yourself lest you also be tempted the body of christ need to shut up and pray up
But what about I Corinthians 5:9-13?!
Are you saying this scripture is irrelevant or is it only irrelevant for some?
Galatians 6:1 is for those who WANT to be restored, not for those who KNOW they are wrong and yet doing wrong.
Let us rightly divide the Word in truth.
Very good point.....
I wonder have anyone of you ever been caught up in adultry?
Well I have, I couldn't remain in the pulpit and preach the word because I knew it was wrong and I refused to be a hypocrite.
My sins where on display for all.
Thank God for deliverance!

Knowing how this can wreck your relationship with God I can speak from the word and personal experience.

It is terrible behavior, sinful behavior. I have been used by God since then to help restore many who have been caught up in these affairs who really want to change.
Some feel that their position makes them exempt from correction, and ,many pastors will not speak out against sin because of who the person is.

Now I posted some video on Tonex and some accused my of gay bashing, I was not bashing tonex ot anyone else for that matter................I wanted to make people aware of the doctrine of Tonex, or his mindset.

One more thing.................some of the women I was involved with tried to play the victim role
They knew exactly what they were doing, and knew that nothing was promised, but they started crying and lying as if I promised to leave my wife to be with them.
I went through people calling me a dog, and folks saying thats a shame how he tricked those women.
but they knew exactly what they were getting into. They knew I was married, a backslidden preacher, and I was no longer in ministry, it was all over my city.

Guess what I can't make excuses for myself as a person in some type of authority role I should have never gotten mixed in this at all I was WRONG AND SINNING AND ON MY WAY TO HELL NO ONCE IN CHRIST NEVER OUT WOULD APPLY.

20 something years later I look back and thank God for deliverance.
This is what these guys need someone who is spiritual , not compromising, not caring about their reputation but care about them to help restore if they want to be restored.


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