The accusations of your enemies are designed to bring you down.  Accusations are primarily aimed at keeping you from being in that place where God has called you to be. 

     Note in verse 42, The Pharisees did not acknowledge Christ as The Son of David (a messianic title).  "The Son of God" is enclosed in brackets within the text meaning that the words were added for clarity and meaning.  The Pharisees state that Christ was a son "of David."  The Pharisees simply meant that Christ was just another son of David without any messianic distinction. 

     When people accuse you, stay planted (sit) in the righteousness of the Lord.  You don't have to prove anything to anybody.  The more they accuse you and try to bring you down, it is the righteousness of the Lord that will pick you up.  Righteousness moves you closer to God and not further away.  It is the accusatory words of your adversary that moves you closer to God through the righteousness of Christ.  That is if you are truly living in the righteousness of the Lord.       


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