One of the biggest challenges for a Christian parent today is their youth’s attraction to secular entertainment. It has created such a problem for the parent and the church that many see no way out, other than to compromise biblical values and standards for the sake of peace and relationship. When in reality, compromise only helps usher a person deeper into the unholy realm which they wanted to bring them out of.

Experience teaches us that we cannot compromise with the enemy and expect to come out on top. Compromise is usually a complete contradiction to the principles of Christianity and a fabrication of the devil’s intentions. He uses numerous demonic undertones and influences, in entertainment, designed to keep people from developing a quality relationship with God.

Pastors and Youth Ministry leaders, Unveiling Truth Magazine requests your participation in this survey. Your response will be included in the March 2010 issue. In addition, you will help UTM expose hidden demonic undertones and influences in entertainment.

The survey question:

1) What is the Church’s answer to Christian’s attraction to secular entertainment?

2) What is the Church’s answer to Christian Youth’s attraction to secular entertainment?

Respond here or email your response to:

Thank you for your participation. To partner with Unveiling Truth or for more information, browse our websites: and

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