Praise the Lord Saints and friends. I bring greetings in Jesus Name. Im writing today because my spirit is disturbed. Im so shocked and outdone that the "saints" are using this Christian system as a way to find a hookup, Date, Man, or Woman. This was designed for the sole purpose of Ministry, being able to advertise for your church or ministry, getting you name out, or just connecting with other saints. NOT HOOKUPS AND DATES so how do you all feel about this??? Please comment

Love you all
Evangelist Durell E. Smith II

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Man of God,

All I can say on this matter is:" We have to stay focused on our purpose for being here and Keep our eyes on Jesus". Of course it is disturbing to see this happening, but use it as an opportunity to minister to someone about the lust of the eye and walking in the flesh. The enemy is always on the prowl, ready to pounce,so I say to you my dear brother: Watch and Pray!
I am gald I am married so I won't have that happen to me but I only use service to HOOK UP with other men and women of God who are more seasoned in ministry than me to seek advice,encouragement, to welcome new members or just to offer advice but never to hook up.

My main purpose here in BPN is to network,pray and be an encouragement to someone. If I can be a blessing to be someone in a word of encouragement then that's what I am here to do TO SERVE.
I agree with you.This network should be used to encourage and uplift ministry in the body of Christ. It should not be used for a hookup for dates. That to me is wrong. But then again I'm not God. only God will Judge the intense of their hearts if their motives are wrong. As for me, i will use it for the correct purpose and that is to uplift & encourage the body of Christ.


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