Lets be a blessing to our fellow co-laborers as well as the various congregations around the country that are seeking leadership. Please provide as much information as you may have to better inform the applicant about the church they may wish to seek a position from.


***Please refrain from soliciting preaching engagements in this discussion. The intent is to provide information about pastoral vacancies. If you would like to submit your credentials for consideration by the pulpit committee, follow proper protocol by submitting the following:

A Cover letter, Resume, Audio or Video of a recent Sermon (or two), and Picture. Usually the committee will contact you (if interested) to speak at an upcoming Sunday service. You will then have the opportunity to meet the congregation as they will also get the same to meet you.

Its called BUILDING A RELATIONSHIP! Sheep are not as dumb as you think, so be yourself, they can smell a phony. (There is one thing a sheep knows... Another sheep!) Hope this helps those who are seeking their first pastorate.

If and when someone gets called, share the praise report...

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Sean Souels Email: bishopsouels@optonline.net
104 E. Tabor Rd, Phone: 609-742-1741
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19120

Oct 1, 2011

RE: Senior Pastor

Dear Members of the Pastoral Search Committee

The objectivity of a Pneumatic Chieftain is fundamentally fastened on procuring knowledge for the maturation of the laity. Consequently, whatever the laity has as the potential to germinate into is a direct indication of what’s being expostulated by the Pastor.

What is growth or spiritual maturation, and how is it possible? Growth is the process of increase or extension, made possible by the words of Peter the Apostle, in 1 Peter 2:2, as newborn babies desiring the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow. When the declaration of God’s word is through an uncontaminated vessel along with the interpretation of the text from an unadulterated premise, is only when growth is possible.

Right character, integrity in one’s personal life and astute learning empowers the leader to be the conduit by which God infuses him or her to impart the mind of God into the believer. Intellectual and eloquent speaking, though good, does not carry the weight for one’s wanton lifestyle. Gifted and talented preaching excites and inspires, but has no dumatikos for deliverance.

What is this candidate’s position then? To fulfill God’s first demand which is self-examination which brings self-alteration continuously. Secondly, to promulgate the same message to each hearer, giving each the potential for change. Thirdly, to expand the community with God fearing members while continuing the vision enacted by the past leadership, and until that is accomplished, the vision of this candidate for this ministry must take second place, as God spoke to Joshua when taking the reins after Moses.

Sincerely, Yours in Christ

Dr. Sean Souels, Sr.
Dr. Sean Souels, Sr.
104 E Tabor Rd •Philadelphia, PA 19120•m: 609-742-1741
Email: bishopsouels@optonline.net


My objective is to lead a congregation of Bible believers into a deeper and revelatory relevancy for this age. To teach from an in-depth of wisdom and profundity, expounding exhaustively on the didactics of the bible. To create a Godly-centered worship experience, to facilitate the five areas of our daily life with scriptural information, this gives way to better life style. To establish, fortify and continue to empower our youth for the betterment of our society, allowing them to have better opportunities for success. To use everything in my power to further the kingdom of Christ Jesus with an attempt to prepare his body, this is the church, for his return.
How would this be contrived? Firstly, by continuing to invest in our urchin and those enthusiastic who are at the age of ignorance. This candidate has worked first handed with the Essex County of New Jersey’s Youth Detention Center, encouraging and interacting with those incarcerated from the age of 12years old to 17 years of age.
Secondly, to continuing working with the homeless in feeding shelters. Feeding and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, while helping them sociologically. Convincing and persuading them to look beyond their present state and cultivate and re-develop any and every gift and talent they have to alleviate and at best handle their present circumstance.
Thirdly, continue visiting drug and rehabilitation facilities to strengthening those addicted to substance abuse, sharing also my 20 years freedom from this burden and demonic infiltration.
Fourthly, continue visiting senior citizen housing complex, allowing the seniors a chance to experience the awesomeness of God’s word and presence. To take communion and prayer to those who have paved the way. And Last but not least, continue visiting the hospitals and shut in, providing bible’s along with CD and DVD’S of the ministry.

Professional Profile

• Excellent in writing, oral, and interpersonal communication skills
• Highly organized dedicated and committed to professionalism
• Ability to work in a stressful environment
• Proficient in Microsoft Works, Excel, Power Point
• A Well rounded flexible team player with the demonstrated capacity to learn quickly and apply knowledge effectively


2009 Eastern Bible College Fayetteville, North Carolina
Doctorate Religious Education 3.9
Courses studied: Philosophy, Primitive Theology, Dark sides of today leaders, and seven laws of teaching and Religious Education.

2000 Eastern Bible College Fayetteville, North Carolina
Master Bible Studies 3.9
Courses studied: Book of John and Genesis,

1999 William L. Bonner Bible College Columbia, South Carolina
Master Pastoral Theology 4.0

1998 Lighthouse Bible College Be Be, Arkansas
Bachelor Theology 4.0
Courses studied: General Bible 1,2, Predictive Prophecy, General Bible 3,4, Typology, Mysteries, Difficult books of the bible, Daniel, Revelation, Systematic Theology, Evangelism, Hermeneutics, Homiletics, Hebrew as the Language, Science and the Bible, Entomology, Cosmogony, Astronomy, Geology, Teachers Training, Christian Worker, Theological Approach to positive thinking, The Theological side to Spiritual Warfare and chapel hrs.

1991-1994 Essex County College Newark, New Jersey
Certificate Computerized Accounting
Courses Studied: Adding machine, bookkeeping, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll Management, Lotus, Excel, typing and keyboarding, fundraising, payroll, budgeting and saving.
Work Experience

1/2002-2011 Friendship Rebirth Word and Praise Ministries Elizabeth, NJ
Senior Pastor
My duties included but were not limited to the following; Teaching Weekly bible study, created a curriculum for the Sunday School department, developed an intensive study manual for aspiring ministers, created a question and answer in test form, and ordained them as well. Performed Marriages, baptisms, Christenings. Visited the sick, ministered in homeless shelters and young adult correctional facilities in Essex County. Counseled those with needs, psychologically, domestically, financially, spiritually and physically.

1995-2002 Good Shepherd Church Elizabeth, NJ
Senior Pastor
With this urban ministry there was Implemented an accredited Bible College, praise and worship team, created a full-time staff, initiated and performed and extensive renovation of the premises, conducted early morning and afternoon prayer meetings, developed a once a month Friday mid-day religious leave for the children, along with the other necessary duties that accompanies Pasturing.

Teaching Experiences

1997-2002 New and Living Way Bible College, Memphis, Tennessee, Fredericksburg, Virginia,
Taught: Evangelism, General Bible 1@2, Science and the Bible, Typology, Mysteries, Difficult books of the Bible, Systematic Theology.

2003-Present Rebirth Institute for Bible Studies, Religious Education and Theology, Elizabeth, NJ
President @ Dean
Established a Local Institution for higher ministerial training and theological learning, implemented courses to allow a candidate for Associates, Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degree.


My interests include reading, studying and writing. I have just completed my 3rd book entitled The Theological Approach to Spiritual Warfare, which was preceded by two other works, entitled...What Does that mean? Part 1@2, in which are compendiums.

What I believe
Firstly, this candidate believes emphatically in the authenticity of the bible. That it is the word of God, that there is no error in it, that if consulted it can and will give us direction and answer’s to meet our economical, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs. For instance, Exodus 22:25 gives us a command…If thou lend money to any of my people that is poor by thee, thou shalt not be to him as an usurer, neither shalt thou lay upon him usury. This candidate believes that one of the reasons which caused the economical meltdown in 2008, was that everyone was exacting usury, which in the Hebrew language means interest. Credit cards, car loan’s and more importantly Home mortgages had so much interest added besides over pricing, which lead to what we are now trying to dig ourselves from under.
Secondly, Genesis 1:1 states, in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. This candidate does not believe this verse commences to explain the existence of God rather it explains the creatorial formation of God. That God is the ultimate Supreme Being neither created or made, he is all wise, all powerful and everywhere present. That God alone directs the affairs and destiny of man, while he can and does instigate all changes, however, has left some decisions to the will of man. This candidate believes in the God of the bible, the God of Adam and Eve, God of Noah, Nimrod, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of the twelve tribes of Israel, even though they decided to worship other God’s.
Thirdly, Genesis 1:27 said, God created male and female, along with Genesis 2:18…It is not good for man to be alone, Genesis 2:22…and the rib which the Lord God had taken from the man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man. It is this candidate’s belief that woman was made for man, and that this is the only union of which God is approved of. Genesis 1:28 states and God blessed them, and God said unto them, be fruitful and multiply which also gives way to reproduction of life, and that man and woman are the instruments by which God uses to populate the earth.
Fourthly, this candidate believes in private worship which makes way for corporate worship and Divinely adoration. This is from a combination of lifestyle and adherence to the bible. Life consists not of the things gained, but the words of God. Real worship is not just through song, but honest obedience and submission to God, by the denial of one’s will to only be used to perform the will and desires of God. When one submits to spirit and truth they are considered a true worshipper as stated in John 4:23.


2009 Received Doctoral Degree in Religious Education
2005 Consecrated Bishop
1995 Ordained a Elder/Pastor
1992 Ordained Minister


Pastor Steffie Bartley New Hope Missionary Baptist Church Elizabeth, NJ
Pastor Anthony Wilcot Liberty Baptist Church Elizabeth, NJ
Pastor G. L. Dixon Beulah Baptist Church Newark, NJ
Pastor Johnnie M Green Mt Nebo Baptist Church New York, NY
Bishop Andrew Ford Ford Memorial Philadelphia, PA

Pastor Wendell L. Jackson, M.Div.

Mesquite, Tx 75149

Ph: 407-731-6676

Clergy since 12/10/1995:  Ordained in the Baptist Denomination; AMEC; Church of the Nazarene.  Pastored four churches in 16yrs., Holds Master of Divinity Degree from the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta, Georgia; Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Central Florida; Associate in Arts Degree from Valencia Community College; Diploma in Practical Theology from International Seminary in Plymouth, Florida.  Former recruiter and trained church planter for the Florida Baptist Convention, African American Division; under Dr. Sid Smith.  Available for pastoral assignment.  Email address: revwljackson2756@yahoo.com

thank god i found this site on line been looking for a church i pray that the lord will bless through this site

The Gospel  Network

is one the worlds newest and fastes growing  networks in the world.who plans to established itself as a mainstream media broadcaster for  ministries and gospel music. The Gospel Network will offers value positive religious family programming embraced by millions of African Americans in urban and rural markets. The Gospel Network will provides  programming that will be  sensitive to, and touches the fabric of, the urban  community. The programming will covers a broad range of demographics from teens and young adults who are interested in contemporary gospel music, to the families seeking values consistently presented in a positive way, to the slightly more mature urban populations that relate to many of the popular local, regional and national ministries. By end of 2012 we will be reaching a global audience of 135 countries and 45 million homes via cable television, IPTV, Smart Televisions, Smart Phones and other televised communications. We are an innovative television network reaching out to people of all ages, races and nationalities.



For More information  feel free to contact us at (863)245-5043

Mon-Fri  9am to 6pm Website will be Introduce upon completeion !!!!!


The Gospel Network

P.O Box 315 Ona Fl 33865

(863)245-5043 Mon-Fri 9am to 6pm


Rev. Norman E. Williams

5916 Brandon Dunes Dr.

Louisville, KY 40228

(H) 502-493-8235

(C) 502-727-4239


Cane Run Missionary Baptist Church        2006-Present

Senior Pastor

  • Provide pastoral leadership through preaching, worship planning, visitation, pastoral care, counseling and administration.
  • Coordinate Christian ministries.


  • Established Food Pantry Ministry
  • 40% Increase to Tithes and Offerings
  • 30% Increase in Membership and Sunday Morning Attendance
  • Established Decision Counselors Ministry
  • Established Youth and Children's Ministries
  • Established New Member's Orientation Program
  • Established Weekly Adult Bible Study Program
  • Established Men's Ministry
  • Established Christian Addiction Support Group
  • Licensed – St. Stephen Baptist Church, Louisville, KY, 11/2002
  • Ordained – Little Flock Missionary Baptist Church Louisville, KY, 9/2005


Master of Divinity, Black Church Studies – Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY,  2013

Bachelor of Arts, Communication - University of Louisville, Louisville, KY, 2000



The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary


Fishing, Music, Reading, Writing, Cooking


Married to Tiffany Adelle Williams

Father of 2 daughters

Bless you, I am an African seeking to pastor in the USA, I am presently pastoring, Grace Beneficiary Ministries a Church I started along side my wife in Pretoria South Africa. I have a back ground professional experience in accountancy and finance which I obtain from Lagos state college of science and technology, I attended PATMOS BIBLE SCHOOL OF FAITH in Christ Chapel International Churches Lagos. I am married with two children a boy and a girl. I have authored a book and have been chairman of five city wide gospel crusades; presently preaching on a television network reaching Africa continent. We have been having this holy urge to come to the USA to pastor for the past two years. We have come to the USA about three times attending conferences and preaching in various churches. Presently a member of the COVENANT MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL, Sayraville, New Jersey, USA. I shall be glad to get an appointment in any of these cities New york, New Jersey, Maryland, Baltimore, Atlanta or Texas. Believing God to make a way in Jesus name. Contact me on gracebeneficiaryministries@yahoo.com. Visit www.gracebeneficiaryministries.org

                                                                    Dr. Steven G, Hall

                                                     Phone:  (251) 649-0731/ (251) 545-9636

2828 Aragon St.

Mobile, AL  36575

                                                                Email: eldershall@att.net







Dearly, Beloved



I Greeting Brothers and Sisters in the Almighty Name of our Lord Jesus Christ


I would like to be considered for this appointment. My resume I have attached will provide you with information concerning my qualifications,   Background and education.

I’m seeking a growing divine Holy Spirit position as a Pastor where my skills, training and experience could be

Applied within your organization placing high priority on Spiritual Growth  Perfecting our people in the Lord Word were they may live a victorious earthy life here and reside at the end of this life with the Father Most of all Soul Saving, 

Should you have an opening for which I qualify, I would appreciate the opportunity

To meet with you concerning needs of the church. I can be reached by telephone at

(251)649-0731 or (251)545-9636


In his Peace and Blessing,


        Dr,Steven G.Hall




The Gospel  Network

is one the worlds newest and fastes growing  networks in the world.who plans to established itself as a mainstream media broadcaster for  ministries and gospel music. The Gospel Network will offers value positive religious family programming embraced by millions of African Americans in urban and rural markets. The Gospel Network will provides  programming that will be  sensitive to, and touches the fabric of, the urban  community. The programming will covers a broad range of demographics from teens and young adults who are interested in contemporary gospel music, to the families seeking values consistently presented in a positive way, to the slightly more mature urban populations that relate to many of the popular local, regional and national ministries. By end of 2012 we will be reaching a global audience of 135 countries and 45 million homes via cable television, IPTV, Smart Televisions, Smart Phones and other televised communications. We are an innovative television network reaching out to people of all ages, races and nationalities.



For More information  feel free to contact us at (863)245-5043

Mon-Fri  9am to 6pm Website will be Introduce upon completeion !!!!!


The Gospel Network

P.O Box 315 Ona Fl 33865

(863)245-5043 Mon-Fri 9am to 6pm



Hello Saint,


I'm looking for an office of Pastor.  Keep me in your prayers.

If you have an opening or know of any. Please feel free to contact me via-email.





                      Anthony M. Utsey

4701 Garvis Drive • Charlotte, NC 28269

(803)387-4450 • anthonyutsey803@yahoo.com





Birth date: October 1, 1979

Hometown: Orangeburg, SC

Marital Status: Married on July 6, 2009

Family: Wife – Dawn

Licensed and Ordained: April 6, 1997-- True Vine Christian Church, Orangeburg, SC

Interests: History, Community Involvement, Reading, Sports and Volunteering Services



To lead the people of God to a greater knowledge of and deeper relationship with the Lord by feeding them the Word of God and shepherding their hearts, to better equip the saints to accomplish His Word and purposes, and to share with the unsaved how to find real life and true freedom in Christ.



Personable, self-motivated, visionary, and goal-oriented professional with hands-on experience as well as scholastic training in Pastoral ministry, organizational leadership and development, interpersonal communications, and event coordination.  Pleasant, teachable worker with a love for people.  Effective team player who is devoted to collective and personal goals of ministry.  Seeking a challenging full-time career opportunity in Pastoral Ministry, organizational planning, and leadership development.



Emmaus Bible College Dubuque, IA; Major: Bachelor of Science in Biblical and Christian Studies Graduate: ‘04

High School Diploma: Orangeburg Wilkinson, Orangeburg, SC ‘98; Major: Air force JROTC GPA: 3.0



Preacher/Teacher/Evangelism Leader, Grace Fellowship Bible Church, Valdosta, GA 2007-2009

Preach the entire counsel of the Bible (Luke 4:18; Mark 16:15). Teach God’s principles in faithfulness and sound doctrine (Ephesians 4:1-7).  Instruct in methods of implementation and practical application of the teachings of scripture (Phil. 4:8; 2 Timothy 3:16-17). 

Pastor & Leadership Development Coach, Divine Mind Prayer Temple, Orangeburg, SC 2000-2006

Facilitate successful planning and execution of all events at a 500+ member Congregation.  Oversee success of Church involvement with various national organizations.  Coordinate and moderate planning meetings with Ministry Leaders, Media Team, and Volunteer workers.  Assist in coordination of intake ministry and orientation/support program for new leaders/members.

Co-Founder/Associate Pastor/ Teacher, Shepard House, Orangeburg, SC 2000-2005

Implement the success of local church ministry from the inception to over a 1000+member Congregation.   Establish Evangelism Crusades to ensure community involvement.  Teach and exemplify curriculum that promotes Church Leadership and Development within the Church and local Community.  Preach Teach and Instruct in sound doctrine to build the lives of God’s people.

Minister/Youth Director, True Vine Christian Church, Orangeburg, SC, 1996-2000

Establish Youth & Young Adults in various youth and young adult initiatives. Organize and develop two different youth programs youth between ages 8-12, 13-18 and young adults between ages 19-25.  Ensure proper dispensation of correspondence between approximately ninety families and the prospective ministerial programs. Mentor the youth in social, spiritual, and financial development. Serve in the area of Pastoral Care.




Anthony M. Utsey

Resume, Page 2




Employment Specialist, Circle of Life Incorporated, Charlotte, NC, 2011-Present

Develop comprehensive employment strategies that assist mental, emotional and behaviorally challenged clients to secure a full/part-time career.  Provide a detail report analysis on all clients on a weekly basis.  Communicating with individuals on the job site and in the community, providing life’s options where hope has been deferred.



Doctrinal Education & Evangelism Training, Grace Fellowship Bible Church, Valdosta, GA, 2007-2008

Presided as leader of the of the evangelism crusades that provides training and equips leaders on how to properly share the gospel of Jesus Christ to the community and the world.

Pastoral Care Training, Divine Mind Prayer Temple, Orangeburg, SC, 2000-2001

Received refresher course in pastoral care.

Church & Leadership Education, Shepherd House, Orangeburg, SC, 1999-2000

Developed and distributed constructive study material that reinforced Christian leadership training, Pastoral care training, Doctrinal education, and the preaching/ teaching of the Gospel message.

Christian & Youth Development Training, True Vine Christian Church, Orangeburg, SC, 1996-1997

Developed, Organized and Established the Youth and Youth Adult Initiatives that aided in the growth of the entire congregation.



Windows • Internet/Email • Basic Network Installation/System Administration • Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, & Outlook, Access, etc.)



I was raised in a Christian
household. My great grandmother ensured that I was acquainted with the teachings of Christ and the church during my childhood. Subsequently, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior at an early age. I was highly active in church from that point forward. At the age of 14, I diligently began to seek the knowledge of Christ through personal relationship and His word. On my16th birthday, I accepted what I consider a divine call to the Pastoral, Preaching, and Teaching Gospel ministry. This is where I started on a proactive path toward Christian leadership training, Pastoral care training, Doctrinal education, and the preaching of the Gospel message. I have been steadfast in the faith ever since this start. Under the supervision and charge of wonderful elders and Pastors, I have grown tremendously in faith and practice. Subsequently, my hope is built on nothing less than Jesus Christ and His righteousness.



As believers, we are all called to always be ready to give a reason as to the hope that we have. (1 Peter 3:15) Thus, as one called to specific office in the body, the charge to equip the saints is of utmost importance. (Eph. 4:12-13) The overarching goal of ministry is found in 2 Corinthians 5:18-20.  God desires that people live lives indicative of his presence, leadership, and an unequivocal faith in Him. Effective ministry develops mature Christians able to withstand, endure, triumph, and ultimately represent the embodiment of God’s will for humanity. Apart from the Word of God, this is not possible. Therefore, study and practice of the sacred scripture is necessary for proper nourishment and growth. (2 Tim. 2:15) It is after such steadfastness that we are able to truly appreciate the byproduct of God’s grace toward us. (Colossians 2:6-7)



I believe in God the Father, who, in His sovereignty rules over all. I believe in Jesus the Son (death, buried, resurrected, and ascended), who came to offer eternal life to those who repent, believe, and faithfully obey him. I believe in the active presence of the Holy Spirit, who effectively works in the lives of believers. I believe the KJV Bible to be the infallible and inspired Word of God, sufficient for the needs of the believer and the universal church, including growth in holiness and righteousness unto the Lord.



804-721-8080 CELL.

804-605-4828 CELL


1121 W. Robert Avenue – Ridgecrest, CA 93555
760.793.7453 (C) ● drbarryrev@gmail.com

~ Use Life-Changing Messages to Encourage, Inspire, and Motivate Listeners to Move toward their Destiny ~

Called by God to Shepherd His people and lead a congregation toward vision fulfillment, growth, and outreach. Possess diverse experience with Spirit-filled congregations and committed to leading intentional ministries that guide others toward a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

* Reputed as a culturally diverse, Spirit-filled Pastor; have lead congregations of 50 to well over 1200 people.
* Strategic-thinker with big picture vision; consistently provides accurate and thorough information and works alongside others to cast the vision and carry out the mission of the church.
* Create community awareness through a balance of teaching and reaching; engage the congregation and establish a more joy-filled, hopeful, humorous, and connected congregation.

“Barry is a competent pastor and preacher … compassionate and caring … who loves people and goes out of his way to be a servant who leads as opposed to a leader who serves. (He) has a heart for cultural diversity and in his ministry he has successfully bridged the gap between races, classes, and genders.” Dr. Mark J. Chironna, Bishop


Barry Weddle Ministries 2003 – Present
Speaking ministry dedicated to carry revival, the banner of faith, and God’s power to a lost and dying world.

Pastor to Pastors
* Prepare and deliver thought-provoking and relevant messages at domestic and international conferences and events and participate in mentoring over 100+ pastors monthly.

* Author articles that inspire hope, strength, and spirituality in readers worldwide.
* Minister in song; collaborate with such artists as Andrae' Crouch, Sherman Andrus of the Imperials, and others.
* Connect God’s people to His Word and what He is doing in the world and instill in pastors the same vision.

Embassy Christian Center--Senior Pastor, 1998 – 2003
* Focused on making the transition from traditional church structure to an engaging, soul-winning, multi-cultural and multi-racial fellowship of believers.
* Preached the Gospel and worked alongside the Worship Pastor in planning of Sunday morning worship services with focus on engaging the congregation on a journey from distraction to engagement. Collaborated with the leadership team and guided the implementation and execution of a new ministry vision / core value statement. Oversaw growing budget; $700K in 1998 to over $7M annually by 2002.
* Spearheaded the planning and organization of short-term mission trips with 500+ congregants participating.
* Managed pre-school through 8th grade serving 700 students along with a fully accredited Bible College serving 200+ students.
* Recruited several gifted pastors who served in the areas of Children, Youth, Worship, Discipleship and Evangelism.

Vernell University
Doctor of Philosophy, Biblical Studies
Master of Arts, Christian Leadership
Bachelor of Arts, Theological Studies



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