WAKE UP CHURCH!!!! ......A very powerful message by Holy Desparation.

A challenging compilation showing how far the church has fallen from the Biblical standard and the early church that Jesus built... This will impact you!

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AMEN..AMEN...AMEN....A diluted Gospel is no Gospel at all..All this happy gospel without repentance brings no regeneration or sanctification that ultimately leads to no salvation and glorification. We are being deceived in these last days by wise pharoahs who only seek only to fulfill their own belly as they make merchandise of us all in the name of the suffering and tortured and crucified Christ!

Thank you for this EW, I needed to hear this, this morning.....I'm glad and honored to be set apart from the madness that many have been ensnared by this wicked and perverse "pastoral" nonsense that has deceived even the elect of Christ. I can't even stomach these super stars of Christ you see regularly on t.v. with their mega fest nonsense of a more seeker friendly approach that targets the ignorant that keeps them in a state of their ears being tickled thinking they can bribe God into sowing "seeds" in order for them to be blessed with material wealth, health and happiness while the rest of the unreached and unengaged world dies without ever hearing the love of God demonstrated by sending His only begotten son to seek and to save that which is lost.
Amen Brother Scott...You are exactly where God wants us to be....God wants us to be tired of the mess in these churches. This is what sparks great Evangelistic movements to reach the lost effectively. While people are inside the churches Gettin Their Praize On, God is sending forth laborers into the harvest.

I heard an old Youtube video where Tupac was actually chastising the churches for not caring about the dying and homeless. Go Figure. This young man, to me was a casualty of the church. I had a chance to see another side of him. The side that really cared about people. But the very people (The Church) that could have ministered the grace of God to this young man, made him sick to his stomach.

The church blames everyone but themselves as to why sinners are just not interested in coming to church. But when you hear the sinners tell it, the real truth comes out. People don't like being duped by supposed People of God. I can not sit still as we see looming Judgment headed towards this nation.
These men hit the nail on the head,watered down gospel,greed of success,foundationless theories and made up testamonies,forgetting HE is always watching.It's scary being of a Christ mind,knowing these things we see are wrong.And the rightegous in their own mind preach certain things that are incorrect,with whooping and tears leading to the wrath of God.
But the part thats ashame is when that house falls the rubble from that place seems to pop up around the corner,down the street,and it's now REBRUKED!!
Brother, I think this counterfeit gospel will soon come to an end. It's end will be forced by the disasters that are headed this way (To America). No one will want to hear these preachers when their needs are mounting to the point of emergency. All they will want to hear is how can I help you and can I lead you to your Salvation.

The churches have done a great job at keeping unbelievers out by tuning them out. Or should I say, tuning out their real needs. The church is only fleecing the churched while the unbelievers sit back and ridicule the whole messy ordeal. They want no parts of this apostate church system.
PREACH ON BROTHER LUCKETT!!!. That is what I am talking about. I have been talking with my husband about the big yellow tent revivals we use to have years ago before I met him. We would go up on an empty vacant lot on a high traffic street and I tell you, we would see God show up mightily. People would come from all over to hear the gospel and the power of God would swoop under that tent like you don't see today.

I am talking about church folk gathering and sinners being converted to Christ, people being healed, slain in the spirit, etc...This is the type of service I long to see and if God is willing, we will meet you out on the street corners, with kids in tow....LOL...Amen.


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