Walking Through Life

One day as I was walking I heard a small voice say
Its okay to detour now let me lead the way
My response was simple; I asked hey, what’s your name
His reply was convincing, stating lets begin the game.

First, you need to know the rules, there is no going back
I struggled with the concept, and said oh is this a fact….
He said just follow me and you will see that it’s all fun
Before I knew anything my walk had already begun.

I have traveled through valleys and climbed many hills
Not even realizing that I should have just kept still
Even felt low down and dirty, ashamed of things I have done…
But he said there is no need to worry, this battle I have won.

Suddenly, there was a roaring voice that called out my name
As I turned around to look I didn’t feel the same
This voice was patient, temperate, loving and filled with care
He said where are you going my child, this is not a road to share

I replied with reverence and began to plead my case
He stated look sweet girl, this walk through life is not a waste
Things my be rough, unfair, and sometimes difficult to see
Yet, walking through life you need faith not sight and to believe in me

Abruptly, I recognized this voice; for it was my Father from above,
Guiding me as I was walking through life, showering me with his love
He said my sheep know my voice and are not led by a stranger…
In fact, walking through life alone presents many a danger.
I am your help in the present time of trouble and there is no need to fear …
Just draw nigh unto me I will keep you near.

As we walk through life each day, let us walk by faith and not by sight
Like those who wondered in the wilderness, He will guide us by day and night
So don’t give up and don’t give in; just walk trusting in God and believing in Him

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Mighty woman of God, I thank you for the words of encouragement...what a profound confirmation. Walking Through the Psalms of Life is available in bookstores across the world. Once agaain, thank you and please pray for me. I love you and many blessings unto you and yours!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your co-laborer in the Gospel,
International Diocesan Evangelist Carleigh


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