We, often time still mix them up; salvation, religion and tie them to emotions. What do you do when the way you've been taught back in the day of women wearing long dresses, but inside an emotional mess? Or when men are still taught to soar their oates and are still some of the biggest whores to the congregation they are shepherds over straight and gay? The women too! Oh and look out for power hungry control freaks who use the name of the Lord to cover their deceptions. Look at the laws to the land; how should we really honor these days and keep our salvation (that is free) without being bound by the silence in the church, church politics and wolves swallowing up the sheep? Our communities are hurting and yet we have as much as 25 churches on some corners here in Detroit and yet nobody seemed saved in the community. There are so many churches here within the city and when I see this amazing discovery I am appauled. Many churches don't affiliate with each other. They don't venture out to fellowship with one another enough. Then there is selective integrity. The churches (denominations) are not uniting with each other. Jealousy gets in the way. Back biting and slander all the time. Finger pointing and throwing words at each other which is cursing someone or some congregation. That is not God's way. What happened to the WORD of God being the center point and the Gospel of Jesus Christ on being like Him and following His example of the Father. He in the Father, the Father in Him and we in Him? It's time for the mega churches to embrace the smaller, and store front churches and bless the surrounding community of neighbors and treat them with respect so that they will come in the doors running to get some of what we got because it has attracted them. Listening to TBN this early morning someone was talking about being attractive like how Jesus was attractive everywhere he went. People knew about Him, heard about Him and sought Him out. As I post this to you and any group forum who will hear me, please know that I am tired of being a talker. It's time to walk the letter. We are the church because the Spirit of the Most High God dwells in us and we are living epistles. I also exclaim this more to reach out let us touch the masses while it is still day and we can work. It is more than saying Praise the Lord. That is good but it is also so uniformed without works to support it. We are more than trees we are man (mankind) one man and we should be one voice and that voice should be led by the Rhema Word of God because He is a right now God! Will you help by accepting our invitation sometimes and come and meet us. We love God's people even in the world [not the world system] but humanity because Jesus laid down His life for all mankind. He is the Good News that is what the Gospel is all about His death and ressurrection! We need help to build and grow in Detroit. We have got to be the light everywhere we go!

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