If you are looking to grow your ministry and take it to the masses, You and I need to talk today.  Give me a call 404-333-5817 Antoine Batiste  

There are other options out there for broadcasting and taking the message to the saved and unsaved effectively.

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After having learnt your Vision and Mission, We are privileged to be tagged with you.pl............Ps. Johnson.


The LORD ALMIGHTY & WE  need  you to demonstrate the  Most DYNAMIC Christian Leadership and SPIRITUAL Excellencies in ERECTING,  PROMOTING  &  ADVANCING His Kingdom Build , OURSELVES, as HIS  "+... Kingdom Bearers...+"  


 Beloved and Blessed ANTOINE BATISTE

The Visionary And Multifaceted Spiritual Dynamic Leader…


Dearly Beloved in Christ.,

 Warm and all Seasonal Greetings in HIS ‘*…most Awesome Matchless name...*’

Thank you for being allowed me into your Kind  and Prayerful midst as one of HIS  "+... Kingdom Bearer...+"  in HIS Kingdom Build .............!     I am Bro. Johnson, a Christian Missionary-Pastor.


We are......"The True Vine Ministries ( The Primitive Hill Tribal Aboriginal People Evangelism and Soul Wining ) Christian Charities Organization.", an Independent/Inter Faith/Indigenous/ Interdenominational, Evangelical Praise and worship Group…. looking forward to work under your prayerful guidance  and Spiritual Dynamic Leadership Skillsin accordance with all your partnership formats .



OUR “…VISION & MISSION…” is …………………!+

”NONE should perish and ALL should Repent (2peter 3:-9 & Acts 17._30)”Reaching the Gospel and Salvation plan to the UN REACHED.“…To SAVE and SERVE the Tens and Thousands  Perishing Souls of Primitive Hill Aboriginal Tribe People.


Let us AWARE, AWAKE, ARISE  and REST not as ”…there remaineth yet very much land to be possessed (Josh 13:…1)…” 



 On your kind response and Prayerful guidance, we are privileged to share more details pl.

“One Generation Shall Praise thy works to another, and shall declare thy mighty acts (Ps 145:4)'...The  fellow Laborers whose names are in the "Book of life. (Phil 4...-3)...'


Pl VIEW our website to understand a bit more about us, earnestly at your free time : http://www.truevineministries-kingdombearers.org


Our Heart felt Invitation to you, to Visit our Place  to involve in, and witness Our GOSPEL Works Practically.


Looking forward for the prayerful & Blessed Co-Operation.

Ps(Dr).Johnson Bailee.


+91-94904 80067.


            Coming together is  a great beginning

              Keeping together is great progress

                    Working together is great Success..........!*

Here is a good source of tracts!


Anyone can hand out gospel tracts.  We all should.


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