I want to ask a question. How long have you lived in your area? In that time, can you give an estimate about how many Christian visits you have had. How many churches have came to your door or simply wrote a letter. How many invites to church or to a fellowship have you received lately? Let’s compare the number of people in your town to the number of churches, and also to the members within them. With that, then figure the ratio of people/ church members and the time it would take to visit each one. Is it possible, yes it is very possible. So the question is why is it not so?

I ask this question because it is an issue growing worse each day. I know a gentleman right now that has lived in his town over five years. In those five years, not one Christian ever took the time to knock on his door, or to even send a letter of invite. This man lives in a town of over 30 churches, which span an area of less than twenty miles. Now, many would simply say that he should of gotten up and went to church himself, and perhaps that is true to a point, for a spiritually led man, but as I have written in a past article, I believe a lot of it has to do with who got to them first - the sheep or the wolves? The sheep are obviously the church members – Jesus’s flock. The others being called the wolves are those that deny God yet have a false sense of love and compassion. They entice others into their folds but granting many of the emotional and physical needs of the individual yet lead them only to a spiritual death away from God. If the wolves got to them first, let me ask if you this; do you feel we as the body of Christ would be judged for this man’s blood? Could we have saved him – could we still, maybe save him?

Each person whether they believe in it or not is in a war. That war is over you. You will make one of two choices in this life. You will choose to accept God, or you will choose not to. In this war there are of course soldiers. Each fighting for their side - this is the comparison of sheep and wolves. If the sheep get to them first, than the wolves are much less likely to mislead them –amen? Why, because where the sheep are, so also will be found the Shepard.

What does the bible say about this? Many people would want to simply pray that people will just come to their church. While this is good, there is more to it than that. Ask yourself this- Why a person entangled in the Devils mess would just all of a sudden get up and go to church? What is the likelihood of that? Now trust me, I understand that God does work in this way many times, but more times than others, it comes from God sending a Christian to intervene- amen? For this reason God gave us the scripture found in Luke 14:23 (KJV) “And the lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.” Now let me ask, are you willing to be used to intervene?

I have written in the past that if we are not careful, we can make the four walls of our churches into solely a divider between us and the world. The problem is, these walls also block the view of what God is doing inside - unless we do what? We have to take it outside the walls-amen? God is looking for ministers, chaplains and just simply Jesus loving people that will take the message of salvation and repentance to the outside world. We are to Use the church as a learning place and a place of worship and prayer. We need to recruit disciples for Christ. We need to go and make ourselves known to those around us and unashamedly minister to their spiritual as well as their physical needs. On that Day of Judgment, Let us know –we did all we could for advancement of the Kingdom of God.

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