Weakened by Witches?
The spirit of witchcraft is a master at diverting attention away from itself by turning it toward you. Witchcraft separates and isolates its victims from friends and family. One who is being spiritually influenced feels the loss of personal identity and self-esteem. Depression and fatigue quickly follow as the super spiritual controller gives abnormal attention to those it desires to manipulate. Let's look these witchcraft attacks more closely. FATIGUE ... Fatigue is a much-used weapon of witchcraft. Witchcraft drains the life (energy) right out of you. When attacked, you feel tired, depressed, oppressed and fatigued. You can take vitamins, exercise, run five miles and it still doesn't help. Have you noticed how many people go to work tired all the time? They have three cups of coffee in the morning just to begin work. Could some of them be suffering from a witchcraft assignment?
Others feel sad, sleep all the time and feel trapped in depression and can't get out. What I used to think was simply stress-related I now strongly suspect to be the indication of demonic assignments. There have been times, for example, when I was feeling extremely stressed, boarded a plane, left the city and felt the fatigue lift. I am not ruling out the effects of stress, but if you know the fatigue is not medical - or stress-related, could it be witchcraft's assignments?
There have been other times when I have been well rested, in superb health, the bills are all paid, everything is good, but I find myself weary. There are other times, after preaching certain subjects like " Spiritual Witchcraft," "Ahab The Provoker," "Tearing Down the Walls of Tradition" or " They’re Nothing But Charismatic Merchandisers," I find myself great spiritual warfare. Such demonic assignments should never stop you from following the leading of the Holy Spirit to minister a certain topic.
Answer the list of questions listed below to help you identify if witchcraft has been released at you. • When you are in prayer, do you get sick or have headaches, lose focus or fall asleep? • Have you ever gotten physically or emotionally ill after a confrontation     with someone who was spiritually contending with you? • Do you feel tired most the time? • Are your emotions on a roller coaster? • Do you suffer from depression? • Have you experienced spiritual retaliations against you?

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