What a privilege and honor it is for us to have been chosen by God to be saved, be endowed with His love, grace and Holy Spirit, to live a holy and godly life. Oh how lovely, wonderful and sweet it is, despite the offenses, life challenges, trials or tests we may have to deal with. When we are living saved and holy, we are living up to the God-standards. We can only live, walk and have a lifestyle of holiness and righteousness by the grace, love, God's word and the working of His Holy Spirit in us. So what a privilege and honor it is to be able to live like God act like God and talk like God, being that we were made from dust, created and born in sin and iniquity, and our own righteousness is as filthy rags. Oh what a privilege and honor it is for us to be saved. I am so grateful today that God chose me, and had me in mind when He gave His Son Jesus Christ to die and rise for the remission of all my sins, and for me to have eternal life and reign with them forever. Hallujah, glory to God, His Son Jesus, the Holy Spiri, and their working together to help me reflect them. Thank You very much Lord, thank You over and over again! Your Beloved and I know it!

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